I’m posting dinner+ snack! And will separate breakfast post! So sorry.. Due to another late-night on the phone last night, i didn’t post dinner.. And i was too tired to wake up after this morning’s pre-workout snack. So i slept back.. Anyway..

Yesterday, came home, ate like 3 nuts and a prune before leaving for dinner. Went to the Kepong Food Court near Carrefour Kepong.. Warned gramps not to order to much cos dear wasn’t here.

I got my usual exonomy rice with brinjals!


I just realised it looks like there are more beans to brinjals, but i think i should know how much a brinjal lover i am, so there is actually more brinjals. I love the Nasi Lemak stall here, cos it’s cheap and tasty, and ALWAYS has brinjals. The beans were fried with belacan.. not bad.. My plate was RM2.50..

Gramps ordered an oyster omelette (RM7) to share too


Again, this O’Chien (oyster omelette) never failed me! I love it so much. Though i’m not fond of oysters, eaten with the chilli sauce,it takes away the stench i don’t like. Seriously, this food court is where you can find the best oyster omelette. Crispy, yet alot of egg any oysters..I ate ALOT of egg! Mmm

Gramps ordered sotong kangkung(RM8) for themselves..


which i stole some! Hehe. Granma mixed it all up before i could snap snap! Grandma also thinks this is one of the best. The oyster omelette and sotong kangkung are from the same stall.

Grandpa also ordered a Salted Vege and Tofu soup (RM 3.50) We seem to be ordering the same things every time we come, but it’s most prob cos we know it’s good.


I had the chicken breast from the soup! This soup is also good, and cheap!

To end the meal, we greedy termites had ABC (Ais Batu Campur) (RM3), without cendol, and corn


The ABC here was good.. Granpa was looking for the red beans, but i ate them before he reached them! Ha! Lol..

I was awfully full by the end of dinner.. not good.. As i didn’t listen to my tummy.. My mouth took over! Argh!



Pik San cancelled on me cos she needed to fix her hair.. I did finish my trail mix in the office.. πŸ™‚


Can you see something special??? Haha.. I added mini sandwich crackers!


bought them a while back.. Dear bought it.. Quite nice, but nothing to shout about.

The size is uber cute though. I thought they were bigger, but when i opened, i realized it’s perfect for the trail mix! πŸ™‚

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