Busy as a bee

I was so sleepy this morning, that’s why i just posted dinner post.

Morning was the usual plaited biscuits.. I ran while watching Medium though. I really need to play catch up on ’em dvds. I think Akak Carol’s collection is downsizing cos it’s all with me! Lol.. Sorry!

Had me cereal again!


My corn pops are finishing, so i took the box out from the fridge..


And managed to take a pic.. These are nice.. They’re really peanut butterish though they’re cocoa-ish in colour. Akak Jean likes the original though..

Had some coffee and grapes.


And a prune..

This breakfast lasted me quite a while. Either that, i was too busy to be hungry. Had loads of invoices this morning, and had to help with packing gift packs. Unti 1230. Then had some other stuff to do.. And only got to lunch at 1..

Reheated my pasta.. my boss said it smells good.. 🙂

pastaWas very hungry, i think cos i’m used to having my lunch on time..

Don’t know if will have a milo.. Maybe later..

And a fruit! 🙂

Ta for now..



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