Same ol, same ol

I don’t know if i should say good morning, cos i already posted this morning, since i missed last night’s dinner post..

Anyway, i just reached office.. Dear’s starting work today.. He’s going to move soon cos of work,and i’m sad about it.. He can’t see me often.. 😦 I hope i can go through it..

Supposed to meet Pik San tonight, but she didn’t reply me… 😦

This morning, there was a strange continous banging sound from my neighbour.. Gramps think it’s some machine… Lol.. Who knows..

Had my plaited biscuits before this morning’s post.. Worked out as usual but did weights today.. Am not able to keep up with the stepper though cos i was busy with making lunch. Granma said Jumira should be open on Saturday, so most probably i’ll go there then instead of today. Waste petrol!

I had same ol’ cereal for breakfast. Will switch to something else once the corn pops finish. If i don’t finish, it’ll expire soon!


Topped with some nuts. I’ve gotta get making more cashews cos most of the trail mix is just almonds now.. And almonds are pricey..

Also had my coffee and some grapes!


Coffee didn’t dissolve well, that’s why there’s the black spots. Opened up the Nescafe Gold today. I’m never going back to Classic which has a sour taste to it. Yuck! Gold is much better! But not as good as Matinal i have to admit..

I just had a call from HR! Now only they’re processing my pay. They expected me to submit a punch card, which i don’t have cos i have an attendance form i have to fill up. Sucks man if they do ask me to get a punch card. I’m just an intern for goodness sake.. Not a permanent staff.. They make me work like a dog, doing all kinds of stupid things. Sigh.. Seriously, comparing working as a waitress and as an intern, you earn more, and work less. But of course, don’t work as a waitress FOREVER. Just part-time to kill time.

That’s my idea at least.. Lol..

Ok.. Ta for now. See ya for lunchies!



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