Pasta in a jiffy

To tell you the truth, i’m still moody over the “late-night” phone discussion last night.. Sigh..

Met dear during lunch. Wasn’t PLANNING on meeting him, so i had actually brought some pasta which i made in a jiffy after workout this morning..

Followed dear out when he came at 1245 ish.. My bosses had gone out by then (and are still not back). Didn’t know where to go, and i didn’t really mind cos i was planning to eat my pasta when i got back.

So we went to 1utama. Turns out Yoshinoya,the place dear was planning to eat at, had closed down! We were just there recently.. So, the Food Court seemed the most economical choice coa dear wanted RICE.

He ordered a claypot chicken, which turned out to be too spicy, thus he didn’t finish it. Bought a unagi rice at Jusco, and a Rotiboy. He tempted me with RotiBoy, but i thought about what i was going to do with my pasta if i didn’t eat it! So i just ate some sides of his Rotiboy.

Came back, reheated my pasta.. I think for too long..

pasta in a jiffy

Why too long? Cos the some pasta dried out.. Now i know why Monica puts a glass of water before reheating her peanut noodles. I did put some water in mine, but not alot. So some dried out, was chewy.. But i bit on some which dried out to the point it was crispy. That was cool! And quite tasty in fact.. Kinda like toasted pasta.. I don’t mind!

I made my pasta with the leftover jar of prego sauce from last week’s pork bolognese. Heated some mixed veges and an onion in a microwave (the onion was “steamed”). Then poured the cold sauc over and tossed in the pasta. Packed it for work and reheated it in the microwave.

Also brought some celery sticks with SS butter.


Am saving the apple for later. Thought of trying celery sticks with sunflower seed butter (recommended as a snack).

pbWas alright. SS butter helped take away the yucky celery taste i hate. But not enough. Maybe need more SS butter! Haha.

I just finished a Milo.


Apparently it’s considered an energy food drink.. Hopefully it’s not a weight gain drink! Lol.. Added an equal to it.. Yes i know, equal=aspartame=bad rep. But that’s what i had (snagged from Starbucks)on hand.

Now i’m pretty full.. I think it’s the celery.

That’s all for lunch. Not even sure if i’ll have a snack. Cos i still feel full and it’s 250pm already..



Had a naner cos dear came late. And was hungry! 🙂


Jace is satisfied and full! 🙂

Ta for now..



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