Nuts about nuts

Woke up today feeling uber sleepy.. Had a late night yesterday on the phone.. Only got to sleep about 12am.. so you can imagine how i felt when my alarm rang at 5.30am!

I just ate my plaited biscuits (they’re going to finish!) and went back to sleep-which i’m trying to stop doing!

Woke up at 6.15am, got onto my workout.. did the usual, but lunges instead of weights.. I think from now on, i’ll do alternates to rest my muscles..

Prepped lunch –> showered –> Prep breakfast

Had cereal again! I know..BoooRiiiNNNg! Haha.. So sorrY! But i AM trying to switch my lunches! 🙂


I think if one sees the amount and types of nuts i have at home, they’ll think i’m nuts! I just love them. And i’m starting to top my cereal with ’em though the muesli i mix in already has some, but i feel that it holds me over longer! I accidentally burn my nuts sometimes as you can see in the picture above (black cashew nut!)

Also had coffee and grapes!


I finished the Nescafe Matinal which was so good.. Today, coffee was made with the classic. Gross! If i can’t get Matinal, i’m going back to Nescafe Gold..

Also had the usual prune!

Ok.. I’m actually loaded with work today… Lunch today can go eaither way.. So we’ll see.




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