Why up, you ask? Cos me and dear went to watch “UP” with the ticket Akak Jean gave me.

Before we left, i did have an apple and some nuts.. not pictured cos we were in a hurry!

Went to GSC at 1 Utama.. A last minute decision and an emotional call (don’t ask) made me go and buy some popcorn.. I said i would never buy GSC popcorn again, cos Cathay beats it, but i did.. Turned out to be better than the last time i bought.. but still not as good as Cathay!

Up was good.. Very emotional and touching. We laughed, I cried, We laughed again, and i cried again.. Nice show! At first i thought it was for kids, but all will enjoy! Didn’t watch it in 3D though. But the next show: Final Destination is a MUST!

We went to dinner at Sakae, dear wanted to make me happy! He did! Love you dear!

Used the Mystyle voucher with his phone.. But he’s not as crazy as me and my friends/me  and grandpa cos he won’t order all Red plate

Anyway, we still had alot to eat!


Dear knows I’ll NEVER come to Sakae without ordering kakiage!This was what made me fall in love with Sakae! Yummy.. He ordered two cos he knew i could finish one, actually even two..but CONTROL!

Also ordered the Tuna Maki-he had one before i took the pic. and i had the other.. The empty red plate is the salmon mango temaki. which hungry dear took it before i could snap! But i did snap:


He said it’s good, and grandpa likes this also..


This is how hungry we were-i forgot to take shots- cos we were only eating at around 9pm..

Left is Californis Maki, which i don’t really feel is worth it sometimes-for RM5.90. It’s normal to me.. We had 2 each.

The right, Hana Maki, was worth it. Really good salmon there. I think i may order this the next time around inside of raw salmon.. YUMS! I had 2, and dear had 1.


No, that is not the 3rd plate of Kakiage.. But i sure wouldn’t mind! But i took this pic cos of dear’s Kappa Maki and Kani Maki.

I didn’t have any, but it’s odd to me that to many, this simple maki is their fav.. Lol.. I’m more of a lover of elaborate sushis.

That’s kinda the only pics i took. Cos when it comes to sushi, i find that the portions are small, so much so, sometimes i forget to take my camera out.

We also had fried salmon cheek. Was alright, but slightly on the oily side.. The part they gave was also too fatty. And i think they should debone it before serving!

I was really disappointed today cos they ran out of my TWO favs! Soft shell crap crepe and Ura Maki!! So saddening..

On the whole, food was good.. Bill came up to about RM25 after using the voucher..

Will head back day for Sakae Member’s card day!!!

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10

Just really sad that there’s no soft shell crab/salmon skin!

Sakae Sushi-1 Utama


Dear insisted that we have coffee.. (we had a tiff about it earlier). So we did cos i mentioned that Lava has Illy coffee. And since he hadn’t tried it.. so we did..

I got a Cafe Latte.. They didn’t have low fat milk! 😦 RM6.50..

The lady boss had to go to Mr Bao to get a to-go cup cos they ran out..

Added equal to the coffee. Yummy.. I seriously think Illy’s the best.. Though i’m a supporter of Starbucks, Illy’s still the best.. Dear thinks it’s the same as Starbucks though! Lol..

I saw a sign regarding Buka Puasa Promo at Lava : Churros and Illy coffee: RM6..

So i asked the lady boss, how come i didn’t get any churros, and i even paid RM 6.50.. She said it’s for buka puasa only.. Then i thought she meant from 7 something only.. Turns out she says its for Muslims who are buka puasa-ing.. I was like..”???”.. I mean, i’m not racists or whatever.. I just feel like she should open the promo to everyone, be it christians, buddhists, indians, chinese, hindus, mixed, morrocan, australian, caucasian.. whoever.. I mean it’s like saying that the Christmas set dinner is only for Christians.. or the mooncake promotions are for Buddhits/ Chinese only..

Seriously, i just feel that she should open the promotion to all, be it race/religion. Just an opinion, and i believe what i say is fair.

I don’t think she’ll be seeing me again..


Went home, and i had my prune!

Finally.. I’m done updating.. So sorry! Promise will be better! :p





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