Soup at the office..

Lunch was in the office today.. Thought of going to Jumira.. but i wouldn’t know where to have lunch. So plan to go there another day..

I brought my soup! It’s from the freezer, so it thawed out by lunch time.


I kinda felt bad cos my Malay colleagues were fasting. So, i closed the pantry door when i was reheating the soup to prevent the whole office to be filled with the smell from my soup! 🙂

The soup is beginning to tast funny to me.. Or maybe i had it too many times.. Anyway, i only have one more portion to go..oh wait.. maybe two..


Had it with some wholemeal bread.. I’ve to figure out a way to get the bread to stay soft, cos the bread gets tough after awhile.. Anyone knows?

Had my naner with lunch. I had no time for morning snack. so naner was part of lunch! 🙂


Am thinking whether i should have a milo.

 But i still feel pretty full now cos of drinking the gassy prebiotic drink!

pb We’ll see!

Tonight, dinner with Gramps-Bak Kut Teh! 🙂





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