Independence day

So sorry for the late posts.. Been so busy..

Yesterday, we had plans for “merdeka” lunch with Akak Jean & Carol. Not exactly merdeka, but i’m just calling it that for fun!

Me and dear had late breakfast, at around 10-ish when we were going to have lunch at 12.30pm.

Wanted to try the “Nutrition Breakfast” at KIP-which i found out is just shakes and stuff, it was once again, closed! So we went to McDonald’s. But i didn’t feel like eating there cos anything there would be too heavy + unhealthy 😦

Dear got the Big Breakfast Meal – RM9 something..


I think not much explanation is needed for this since McDonald’s is oh so famous..

Dear had tea..


Apparently, the story for the cover of the coffee and the words “caution Hot” was that a lady had spilled the coffee on herself and must have scalded herself.. sued McD, and i think you can guess the rest. That’s according to dear, and i think i have also been told about it before..

Dear tried to tempt me with:


Hashbrowns! I love hashbrowns…. I think i love them more than french fries.. But as tempting as it was…. I refused it and decided to have something better at home (believe me, it wasn’t easy!)

Headed home, and i was quite hungry by then. Ate a naner!


This is apparently the “Tali” ones. I prefer the small ones as it keeps my portions in check.. And i don’t really like the “Montel” ones as they are enormous and have a strange flavour.. I want to try the greener ones, but Gramps prefer to buy naners when they can be eaten immediately, i.e. ripe

Also had some grapes:


Sorry for the uber dark pic! I didn’t know.. Looked fine on my phone.. Again, a big shout out to ’em grapes, best ever! Thanks granma!

And i kinda finished my trail mix portion for the day!


Yums! hehe..

Ok.. I’ll post lunch when i get the pics edited! Ta for now!



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