100 Years lane

That’s the name of the shop.. SERIOUSLY! Haha.. It’s Lorong Seratus Tahun. It has a new branch in Subang Taipan, a bigger branch and a wider variety compared to the SS2 branch.

The branch is close to McDonald’s and Yellow Cab Pizza..

Me, dear and gramps met Akak Jean and Carol there for lunch. The menu has a much wider variety, but still has the usual char kuay teow, etc.

I ordered a Rojak (RM6.50), sauce on the side + extra Ya Char Kuay (fried dough) for RM2

sauceless rojak

Look at the yar char kwai (crispy fried dough)! I lovw them, and they’re not so oily unlike the fresh ones. These are crispy and kinda dried out, and i love them. But i find the portion of the rojak here is slightly smaller than the SS2 branch. The sauce (not pictured) was slightly spicy, but still good. This rojak consists of yau char kwai, tofu, sotong, guava, pineapple, cucumber (i think).

Akak Jean ordered another one to share with the rest..

Grandpa ordered a curry mee.


SDC10391Grandpa said this is much better than the SS2 branch’s. The cockles (si ham) are fresher. He finds that the ones in SS2 are frozen, and they didn’t thaw it out well before cooking it. Grandma was so tempted by it, that after finishing her char kway teow, she ordered one, of course sharing it with others (me too)!

fried kuey teow

Both Akak Jean and grandma had char kway teow. I tried some and stole grandma’s eggs and prawns.. It was good, but a tad too spicy.. Dear was drinking loads of water when he tried it! haha. But it was good. Has “wok hei” which is what is often looked for in char kway teow (fried flat noodles). Had a good amount of eggs and prawns. The portion here is much bigger than the really tiny one in the SS2 branch.

Dear ordered satay chicken with rice..


I tried one piece of the chicken and some satay sauce. The chicken was nice, but it came with the skin :(. The satay sauce on the other hand, wasn’t too good.. Satay sauce is normally not spicy, this one was.. Not nice…. 😦

Akak Carol ordered fried rice, but she ate it before i took the pic-and i kinda forgot to take the pic when it arrived too.. :p

She said the sambal which came with it was real good, that she asked for more!

Overall, the food is much better than the SS2 branch, but the price is still pricey..

Food: 8/10 | Price:6.5/10 | Ambience: 8/10* | Service:7/10

*There were English food & Ladies mags!

Lorong Seratus Tahun-Taipan branch, near McDonalds

On to Dessert

We went to my fav place for dessert!! Happy Beans make me so happy! haha.. I love this place.. and i’m happy dear loves it too cos then, we can go together!

Gramps got a Mango Ice (RM9.00 or RM9.50-not too sure)


The most expensive in the menu, yet lots of people order it. It’s good. Fresh sweet mangoes, and some syrup in the ice which makes it tasty.

But i still love my cincau more!


I ordered the smoothie chincau (RM5) with red beans, large red beans and green beans! so much protein. It must be eaten with the coffee cream, which makes everything milky and yummy.. The gula melaka (i think) makes it sweet and nice..and i love the abundance of beans which they give!! So yummy and worth it! I had one on my own this time since all i had was Rojak for lunch..

Dear also ordered one on his own (cos i hinted that i wanted mine to myself.. hehe)


His had barley, green beans and pearls (i don’t like pearls).. I gave him some cincau cos i ran out of milk to drink..

Akak Carol also got a cincau with red beans, yu yuan, and green beans.. I didn’t get a pic..again.. Lol.. But it looks about the same!

I just love this place and it will always get top marks from me if it mantains!

Food: 9/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Service: 8/10

Happy Beans Cafe: No.46, Jln USJ 10/1E . 47600, UEP, Subang Jaya, Sel.

Tel: 03-562112688

Ok, Ta for now. Will seperate my post for dinner so i don’t confuse you!



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