Dinner at Andy’s

We thought of having a change of the normal place we normally eat-Kepong Food Court.. We scoured around in Bandar Menjalara. Ended up in Andy’s– A place Akak Jean and Carol took us before. The food is pricy, but it was kind of a last minute decision.

Contemplating between ordering dishes with rice or just noodles, we had both! Haha.

Grandma insisted that we must have a plate of Hokkien Mee, which is what this place should be good at-the noodles.

hokkienmeeIt’s not as “black” as Gramps favourite in the Lim Mee Yoke coffeeshop SS2. The sauce i feel is slightly different. I only had a spoonful of this and some of the vege as i’m not really fond of it. I felt that it was not salty enough. I don’t think Grandma really liked it cos if she did, she would have finished it. She left about 3/4. But she claims it’s “OK la”. The portion is reasonable though, considering that big plate is for one.

I suggested ordering the Ham Choy Tofu Thong (Salted vegetable and Tofu soup)-RM5.80.

soupGranpa loved it so much, that he ordered another bowl when we finished! I wouldn’t say that there was alot of vege/”liu” inside, but it tasted alright. Rather much more soup than liu. The soup was tasty though.

We also ordered a plate of Fan Shu Miu Ching Chao (Stir-Fried Sweet Potato leaves)

vegThis was my favourite. Tasty and lots of garlic. Cooked till tender, and a healthy dish. I would have ordered brinjals, in case you’re wondering, but none was on the menu..

We also ordered a Bittergourd Egg- Fried egg with bittergourd (Gourgette Egg)

eggI ended up eating 3/4 of this cos Grandma doesn’t like bittergourd, and i think Grandpa-who usually likes this dish, didn’t like this particular one. But i found this one alright, quite nice, fried with salted egg. They cooked it in a way that the egg ended up having layers of bittergourd, which is cool! Haha

Dear also ordered himself a Rice with Bittergourd chicken (This place has alot of dishes with bittergourd).

gingerchickThe sauce was GOOD! The chicken was alright. The bittergourd is bitter if eaten on its own (unlike in the egg dish), but eaten with the sauce, it’s a good balance.

After the addition of the soup, the bill came up to RM48 something. I feel that we get more eating at Xiang Hee but this is a higher class place and “more refined”.

Food: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 7.5/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Service: 7.5/10

Andy’s-Bandar Menjelara (I’ll try to look for the address!)


I think my family has come to a point where not having a dessert means an incomplete meal.. We went to Hong Kong dessert in Kepong for Tong Sui.

Grandma has been craving for sweet potato soup..

sweetIt’s sweet and slightly spicy from the giniger. The seet potatoes were fork-tender (or spoon-tender rather). I had one and a half of the potatoes, since grandma was more interested in the soup.

Grandpa had the Pak Kuo Yi Mai (Ginko and barley soup)

gingkoWe had to ask for extra liu cos the last time, they gave barely any. This time, they smartly gave more barley than ginko. The last time when my grandpa scolded them and demanded for more gingko, they did! Lol..

Dear and i shared a big Mung bean soup. I told Grandma i’m officially on a diet, cos i SERIOUSLY have put on weight. My butt has filled out my skirt! Lol

green beanThe soup was TOO sweet.. It didn’t have much “liu” either. I miss Happy beans.

The bill came up to RM11 something. The tong sui is slightly pricier, but i suppose you pay for the quality and environment.

Food: 7.5/10 *| Ambience: 8/10 | Price: 6.5/10 | Service: 7.5/10

*The Mung bean soup didn’t do them justice.

Hong Kong Dessert-Behind Carrefour Kepong (Metro Prima).



I did have a snack after the nap i had with dear in the afternoon. I had 3 Weetameal biscuits and some nuts- cos i decided to have a run. Wasn’t planning to run the next day.

Ta for now..


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