Smashed chicken, fish and prawns

We went to Ayam Penyet A-P for dinner.. Akak Carol and Jeanie wanted to try. Before reaching, Akak Carol was fascinated with the abundance of steamboat shops at Sunway Mentari! Haha.. i.e., Yuen Steamboat, Tasty Pot, Summer, etc. In that “square”, there are also around 4 Indonesian shops, but the only one we’ve tried, and i’ve read about is Ayam Penyet.

Yesterday, there was not that many people when we went, most probably cos the Muslims went early to buka puasa.

Akak Carol wa excited that there was more choices compared to Waroeng Penyet at Curve. Cheaper too!

We ordered quite ALOT.. Fine..i think it’s normal for us, but alot to others. I think we even ordered more than the Muslims who were Buka Puasa-ing. Lol!

We ordered 3 ayam penyet (RM7) which comes with a side of kangkung, cucumber, raw cabbage and tofu & tempeh.

chickenAkak Carol, JEanie and Granpa had each a smashed chicken (Ayam Penyet). I didn’t have any though.. But both Akaks said it was good, and akak Jean said it’s not so oily..

I had Udang penyet (smashed prawns) (RM6.50)

prawnYum.. Came with 6, quite reasonable, but not those enormous ones.. but not shrimps either. I ate the shell as well.. Gave one piece to Grandpa..

We also ordered both types of brinjals to share.. we actually ordered two Terung penyet and one Terung Balado. Sadly, most of the dishes ran out, most probably due to many coming early, and us eating only at 8 something. So there was only one type for each.

brinjal1The terung balado was much liked by everyone, even ordering extra chilli. The chilli on that was the one that made the dish. Wasn’t to spicy like the ones they give with the others..

brinjalTerung penyet (smashed brinjal) is my fav but i think they cook it the same style as the terung balado, only different topping.. I love the topping, which is deep fried flour. Note to anyone who comes here to expect to order quite a number of deep fried dishes.

I DID ask for extra “tepung” which they did gladly give!!

tepungAnd my family gladly enjoyed, expecially yours truly since i ate most of that! haha..

Akak Jean ordered one vegetable soup also since we were lacking veg in our meal. Wanted te vege in coconut sauce, but they ran out of that too.

soupThe soup was nice but one thing about the soups here is that they come luke warm. It’s no harm asking them to reheat it for you cos Grandpa did request before. But i think we were all too hungry! The soup was sour, sweet and spicy. But surprisingly, I could take the spicyness but Akak Jean said it was really spicy..

We also ordered 2 of the Tofu,Tempe and telor(RM3.50).. They ran out of tofu for the night too!!

tofuKinda wasted on this dish cos when we finished the meal, there was quite alot of tempe on everyone’s plates cos it comes together with the other dishes.

We also ordered Ikan Lele (Catfish).

fishI didn’t have much, but i tried some. Was not bad.. Too bad the head was too hard, or it would have been nice and crispy!

Akak Carol also ordered one ayam rendang. Was alright. Grandma was gasak-ing (finishing) the rendang sauce! Haha..

Grandma had the beef rendang (sorry, no pic), which we didn’t have a good experience with last time though the taste was good. So we requested it to be made softer…. which they did! The beef was superb, TASTE and TEXTURE was good. Not spicy, just nice. Grandma enjoyed it with half portion of rice!

Overall, the meal was VERY satisfying. We had no stomach left for dessert! Akak Carol ordered some watermelon shake..but it turned out to be something like sirap with the pearls. Akak Jean said it’s the normal powdered mix..

The bill came up to RM75 something. I think for the amount we ordered, it was okay..

Food: 8/10 | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 7/10 | Service: 8/10

(Dataran Mentari , Sunway)

No.17 Jalan PJS 8/17 ,

Petaling Jaya , Selangor (New Shoplot facing LDP Highway & in front of Tasty Pot Steamboat).

They have four outlets, do click on the link to check it out..



I felt snack-ish while waiting for Akak Jean at Kayu Aman Suria, so just for the record, i did have some trail mix in the car!


After dinner

I came home and ate some prunes! 🙂

Ta for now..

Will try to update my blog as often but now since dear is here, can’t leave him alone! haha..



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