Salad and cake (The good & the evil)

Went to Curve for lunch. Wanted to use the 15%+cake birthday voucher i had at O’Briens. I don’t really like the Curve O’Briens cos they charge Govt Tax unlike the 1 Utama one. But i find that their service has improved.. Although O’Briens Malaysia on the whole has “strict-ened” their policies, i.e., not changing items in your salad to anything, etc.

Anyway, i decided to take-away since Granma wanted me to eat with them at the little “food court” at Ikano. Granpa wanted the Kanki Sushi and grandma wanted the laksa from the Mama Nonya place.

I ordered the Chicken Caesar Salad (RM13.30 after using discount voucher) with dressing on the side and managed to get them to change parmesan to brie (my fav!!) cos they’re both considered in the same category..

The Chicken Caesar salad is a mix of chicken meat, chicken crisp, lettuce, parmesan (changed to brie), croutons, and caesar dressing.. That’s all i think..

obrienThe salad was yummy.. The chicken was tender.. while the chicken crisp (which Grandma likes as well) was yummy and crispy.. Croutons were alright (but slightly bland). I dipped my fork in the dressing then ate salad, to consume LESS dressing, since it was creamy.. Wanted to change to a vinegrette, but thought it’d be weird with chicken.

dressingThe dressing was alright.. Quite nice.. I think i used up half of it. It’s the basic caesar dressing..

saladYes, I DID finish the salad.. lol.. Was hungry cos lunch was eaten only about 2pm..

Got a pic of grandma’s kuih she bought from Mama Nonya.

kuihDidn’t try it but did try the sambal from the nasi lemak in the background. Was sweetish and seriously reminded me of the ones in school..

Also bought POPCORN (RM5.90 for large)  from Cathay.. Cathay Cineleisure seriously has the best popcorn as voted online. Tried and tested by yours truly.. But sadly, no pic! SORRY!! Me and grandma were fighting for the really caramelly ones.. Yummy.. So i skipped my apple and nuts that i brought along since i splurged on the popcorn! Yums..

After church, we headed to Kayu cos we were gonna jump into Akak Carol’s car to go to Ayam Penyet – AP at Sunway.

Will update on how that went later.. GOing to watch CSI~




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