Dim Sum brunch

This morning, we were supposed to be headed for dim sum brunch at Unique seafood restaurant with their 50% off promo. So me and dear had sorta a light breakfast before heading out.

I cut an orange….


which was disappointly TASTELESS as Grandma puts it-she actually was willing to try one! haha.. At first i thought it was bitter, but it was just tasteless. so i ate 3 pieces, and couldn’t down the rest. Grandpa claims he’ll “finish” the rest..

Since my orange didn’t satisfy me, i had some grapes..


Which definitely was one of the BEST green grapes! but most costly too..

It saddens me to see on tv how much the vineyard overseas have grapes so much so that they have “grape fights”!.. Sigh.. If they don’t want them, they can ship them over to me!

Also had my trail mix! Yum.


I kinda have a technique to eating the nuts. 🙂 I eat the almonds first, cos if eating the other nuts, i.e. peanuts and cashews, they overpower the flavour-i feel. Then followed buy peanuts then cashews.. sometimes i believe peanuts have a stronger flavour than cashews, but i love cashews more-save the best for last.. I just found out Akak Jean doesn’t like all nuts, especially peanuts and cashewS~I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like cashews!! Even Sam-who hates peanuts-likes cashews..

Dear, with a bigger appetite and higher fat burning rate than me, had cereal and milk-which would be my BREAKFAST on NORMAL days.. Lol..



We travelled in seperate cars cos me and dear were planning to go buy some groceries after. After PARKING in the basement (it’s before the restaurant, so the restaurant is not in view), grandpa called and told us that Unique was closed!! We were to early apparently.. Now, they open at 1130 instead of 10 ish.. Sigh. But…

Even Better!

Akak Jack decided we should go to Summer Palace ! How cool! Thanks Akak Jack! I’ve been there like only twice, dear-never.. It’s like super expensive.. But real good. I still reminisce of Akak Jack’s birthday dinner. SOOO good..

Anyway, Akak Jack gave us a free-hand at what we wanted, so i’ll just let the pics do the talking..

dsClockwise from top: charsiew pau (meat bun), lo mai kai (glutinous rice with meat), fishball (i think), har kao (prawn dumplings), and spare ribs.

I had shared the char siew pau with dear. Was good- but apparently not as good as Unique according to the family..


I tried the lomai kai.. was good. Had some meat and rice. The rice was soft and not chewy, which i like, but not Grandpa.

I had two har kao.. I think.. lol.. Was alright.. good amount of  “cleaned-out” prawns.

ds2Left: Chee Cheong fun with prawns (prawns wrapped in rice flour sheets). Right: Deep fried Har Kao with tartar sauce

I ate the prawns from the chee cheong fun dish! HAaha.. Cos Grandma didn’t want them. The prawns were fresh. But the accompanying chilli paste was amazing! Yum! I even ate it with other dishes.

I had 2 of the deep fried Har Kao, which was good-with the tartar sauce (unhealthy, i know), but not with the other sauces.

ds3In the back: Fried Lo Bak (Radish Pancake). Middle: Stir-fried radish cake.

I tried both. The Fried Lo Bak-was the best claims Granpa. But noone finished it cos it came at the end, and we were VERY full.


The fried carrot cake-me likey! haha. Was yums! Lots a egg..But not spicy enough though-good for Grandma. We had a second order for this. And i had more than enough of second helpings!

eggtrrAs you can see, the egg tart was well-liked. We ordered to portions of 3 pieces, and they were gone before i could snap the photos. They were good. The inside was smooth and silky,sweet enough, and the pastry is light and flaky! Yummy.. Only thing-too small!

siew maiI don’t know who ordered this cos only one was eaten. Personally, i’m not fond of siew mai (minced pork dumpling) cos i don’t care for minced pork. So dear had to finish 2 of it which was left.. I ate the prawn on top of it though!


The siew loong bao (minced pork dumpling with juices inside) came quite late. I didn’t have the stomach for it anymore. So dear ate quite a few of it.

wu kokThis is the wu kok (Pork meat wrapped in yam, deep fried). As you know, i love anything crispy or deep-fried (hard to resist). I had one of these. Was good.. I liked the yam. Flavour wise is d’lish.

ds4Front: chicken feet, Back: Fried carrot cake

I didn’t try chicken feet-i don’t like chicken feet! yuck..lol

custardTo me, this is more of a dessert than dim sum, but i liked it! It’s custard bun, bun filled with egg yolk mixture. Yummy.. Normally, i don’t fancy egg yolk, but  i like this. There is no cream added to the mixture, but sugar and egg yolk only.. Bun was soft and hot, and when you break it open, the egg yolk mixture is practically spilling out! So be careful! hehe. Shared one with dear to let him try since he loves egg yolk.

appleI think this was the favourite for me for the whole meal. It’s a tart with apple and char siew (roasted pork) inside. It’s the first time i’ve tried pork + apple though i’ve seen in cooked that way umpteen times on tv! The sweetness & tartness of the apple went well with the roasted sweet pork (char siew). The pastry was lovely. Though they didn’t hold each other (i ended up eating layers of the flaky pastry), they were so light and nice!!! Yummy!

Dear also got a frog porridge. Was quite a big protion. I had some. Was nice, but i had to add soy sauce to make it saltier. I’m not that fond of eating frog, but i found that there was not enough meat, but  i thought it could be cos frogs are much smaller compared to other poultry! It does taste like chicken! 🙂

I THINK that;s all we ordered.. The bill came up to about RM150 plus.. pricey.. but good.. lol.. it’s a rare indulgence.

Food: 8.5/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service:7/10 | Price: 5/10

*Service was slow in terms of the delivery of food to the table. Some dishes took a while.

Summer palace

Wisma Dijaya

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