Seedless, big, juicy & sweet

Finally-enough sleep.. Woke up at 815am ish.. though i opened my eyes at 745, i slept back. wanted to sleep even longer, but i think my body clock is fixed already.

Wanted to download from yogadownload so that i could try some..but i had to give my credit card and all though i wanted the free ones.. Sigh.. And i don’t really trust online shopping + i do not have a credit card..

So went down from breakfast..

Which was, as expected cereal, but today, with something added!

cerealIt’s topped with a few nuts.. I really hope it can hold my hunger.. Of course, i had my cuppa as well

coffeeI think i’m addicted to it! Lol..

There were’nt any naners left, so i had some green grapes grandma bought! So expensive : RM20! But they were GOOD! Seedless, big, juicy & sweet!

grapesAlso had my prunes, and finished the rest of my nuts in the small bottle..

nutWas in here cos it couldn’t fit into one (when i freshly toasted them i mean)

Don’t know the plan for the day though.. Maybe will go out for lunch, then church.. Not sure about dinner, but i’ll sure post it!

This morning, had some trouble with the USB ports..Was afraid i’d have to get fixed.. But after restarting the comp a few times, tweaking it here and there.. seems ok now.. or else i wouldn’t have been able to post the pics!

Ok.. Ta for now.. been staring at the comp for too long.

Tonight, dear will not make an appearance for dinner. He’s going to watch the Chelsea vs Burnley match at Modesto’s.

Ta for now.



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