Had a snack of nougat when the lights went out..


Yes. for like 15 mins or so, there wasn’t any electricity.. So sowee for the bad lighting..



Had my K2O protein water too to tide my hunger, which it did very well yesterday.. Had to put it in the freezer to get it cold cos i didn’t know the water dispenser was still making the water cold. It actually turned out well cos i think the cold or something helped everything dissolve nicely..

But by 12.30, i was pretty hungry..

Brought instant soup (i know i’m on a road towards a healthier lifestyle, but this is for convenience and it was a last-minute decision!)..

soupIt’s from Tesco’s light choices Leek & Potato. I always like Tesco light choices cos it’s reasonably priced and i get to try those “cool” imported stuff. Quite nice.. Took a while to dissolve, but eventually did.. Was not TOO creamy.. but jus nice.. I prefer this to Campbell’s one (though I AM using a Campbell’s cup here) cos Campbell’s is to salty..

Had it with a piece of Gardenia Whole Meal which dear hadn’t finish the loaf. He asked me to throw/give stray dogs, but i thought why waste. So it was left in the fridge.. (OHH!! That’s why i chose instant soup today! -to use the bread up).

brappleBrapple: get it? Bread + Apple =?

Sigh.. I really need to get a hobby..

Had the tiny apple too.. should have changed it to a bigger one since i was bringing packed lunch, but again, it was a last-minute decision..

Thought of having my Milo, but i kinda feel quite full now.. Could be the apple cos i read that apples give more satisfaction as for the crunch and all.

Maybe will have my Milo.. Oops! My boss just came back, will have to start pretending to do work.. ;)But technically, it’s still lunch time for me, so i’m still allowed to do what i want.. 🙂

Ta for now..



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