Bolognese,with porkie!

Told you it was PASTA night! Haha.. I did get around to buy the sauce..but SC Neighbourhood didn’t have any canned tomatoes! BoO!!! So i just got jarred pasta sauce, Prego Heart Smart Onion and Garlic.. Was really disappointed cos now i really prefer to make my own sauce.. Anyway, i HAD to get the jarred sauce cos i promised even Gramps that i would make pasta..

Had already put the minced pork in the fridge from the freezer to defrost it.

Chopped up some garlic and onion (yellow).. Added S&P and Tesco Italian Seasoning to the pork. Some sesame oil just cos i LOVE sesame oil.

The tried to caramelize the onions, cos from what i learnt from the millions of cooking shows i’ve watched, i.e. Chef Michael Smith-Chef at Home is that caramelized onions=flavour.

While doing so, i boiled the heavily salted water and cooked the penne pasta (whole grain from Tesco).

Then TRIED to brown the minced pork, but i didn’t drain the water out properly, so there was alot of “pork juices”. So, i thought to hell with it..and added the half of the jarred pasta sauce.

Note: Next time, i promise to take pics while cooking..

Then added some frozen mixed veg.. but not much cos i did it once, and it made the sauce sweet..

Added some more Italian seasoning.. But i tasted the had too much porky flavour-don’t like! So i remembered that to take away fishy flavour, one would add lemon/black pepper.. so i added black pepper, didn’t work.. i tried something sour-balsamic vinegar:made it i added more sauce, and gave up..

Note to self: Always stick to BEEF for bolognese

Fried an egg for grandma cos she’s not fond of bolognese, or rather anything that has to do with tomatoes..

This was my portion..

pastaWith seconds of sauce though..

Was alright.. The mixed vege didn’t add much sweetness..i think cos i used a different brand.. “Emborg”

But dear wasn’t full, so he ate some PB & Choc Corn pops with milk..

I did quite alot of munching last night-Bad Jaclyn.. some green grape, prune, nuts, sunflower seeds,PB candy (i did take a pic!), and honeycomb biscuit.. All small portions though..


Honeycomb biscuits (Chinese)Reenactment..

After dinner, played Monopoly for a bit. Beat dear again! Haha! Dear said the computer was unfair! Lol.. Let him play for awhile against the comp, which he kinda overplayed.. Then we watched “Wolverine”.. But was abit sleepy.. so i kinda almost fell asleep.. It was alright..


Before leaving work, i finished my trail mix! Yum.. i love the addition of the cereal! And a few almonds.. actually i found one only in this mix.. the rest is mixed up at home..

nutsI did have the milo like half hour or so after lunch..

miloIn the mug dear gave me for out 1st valentine! but it broke.. that’s the reason for the piggo mug this year.. The Milo from Aus is not as sweet, so i added an Sweet n low

sweetSo this cup of Milo is very Australian! Haha.. Even the sweetener’s from Australia! Lol


Ta! It’s late!

See you for breakfast!


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