Akismet..i don’t like you..

Akismet has been deleting my comments without my approval.. I’m afraid the so-called “spam” comments it thinks is spam, aren’t spam.. It counted my aunt’s comment as a spam! I hope WordPress can get this fixed.. 😦


Woke up..feeling extremely tired today.. slept quite late.. at least tonight i’ll get more sleep since i’ll wake up at 715 am instead of 530am..

Ate the plaited biscuits again for pre-workout.. i wanted to wake up to do some chores, but i was just way to sleepy and slept again till 615am..

Did my usual running.. i find that i’m more motivated to run in the evening, but i still feel like running in the morning cos i wanna get it off my to-do things for the day..

Put the tick solution on Max.. Have been busy to get about doing it.. But i hope he doesn’t run in the rain.. 😦

Ate cereal again.. Dear ate some after dinner last night cos he wasn’t full.. I really wish i has guy’s metabolism! That’d be nice..


I switched the bowls i’m using so you guys won’t get too bored of seeing cereal till i finish my cereal.. I seriously need to stop buying too much cos then i will be eating it cos i don’t want it to expire instead of eating it for pleasure.. Sigh..

Had banoffee!!


Coffee + Banana = Banoffee.. get it? Hahaha….yeah.. i need to get more friends.

Also had my prune and started on the fish oil.. It says 3 times a day.. But i’m not that wealthy..

Today, gramps are fetching me to work since grandpa is seeing the dentist.. Dear’ll fetch me back and we’ll drop by SC Neighbourhood if it doesn’t rain.. 😦

Lunch’s in the office today.. No car..




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