Light Lunch

Sorta eating half of my lunch now.. lol..

Went to 1 utama to get the vitamins. Bought Fish oil and Vitamin C=RM225. 2 bottles of vitamin C and a bottle of fish oil.. So the concept is that Caring gives RM10 voucher for RM100 spent..

They did not say that to USE that RM10 voucher,it’s for RM50 & above and one voucher per transaction! I was like what?? If i knew, i would have used the RM10 for the fish oil. I feel terribly ripped off now.. šŸ˜¦ Yes, i think by now, you would have known that i am paranoid and particular about vouchers.. I mean, in US it’s coupons.. Here. vouchers.. so what the heck?

Anyway, i had Rotiboy! Yum..


It reminds me of a dome! Haha.. But it’s so yummy.. If i wasn’t watching my diet, i would have eaten ALL the buttery parts! So nice.. Haha. But i only athe the top crispy part (my most favourite) and the base, so i got only a teeny weeny bit of the butter-iness from the base.. Yum.. But when i was “peeling” the bread parts which i was planning not to eat, i realised that the bread was quite dry.. But i don’t really care since that’s not what i buy it for.. šŸ˜‰

Walked around abit.. Went to Jusco to have a look at the pasta sauces.. It’s pasta night! But quite pricy. same with cold storage. And one of my Body, mind and soul to-do lists i stuck on my bed frame is to buy less goods, and buy when i NEED. So, i didn’t get anything from Cold Storage though it was tempting, but i did make a note of what i wanted to when my supplies at home are out!

I’m planning to drop by SC Neighbourhood near my place to get some canned tomatoes and paste to get the pasta sauce going.. Pray that it won’t be that jam.

Now, i’m back in my office, eating my apple, since i did not have much for lunch..


A really big fuji apple.. Cut it up into 16.. Not THAT sweet though.

Will make some milo in a while with


The Australian one.. Hehe.. Prefer it than the local ones.. Though MUCH pricier.. It was a one-time buy anyway since i didn’t know when i would be going back to Bintulu..

Ta for now!



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