Lack of sleep

I slept at 1115 ish last night.. and worke up at 530am ish!!! OMG.. was so sleepy, but stumbled out of bed to prep for workout.. This is what you have to do if one is to lazy and doesn’t want to think about workout the rest of the day..

Had no more Cheong Hoong, so i’m finishing the plaited biscuits i bought a while back (1 pack from Pasar Malam, 1 from Ampang- a lady selling outside the Foong Foong Ampang Yong Tau Fu shop)

Ran the usual, skipped weights for lunges cos my shouldere ache today.. could be cos i started back on weights. Did stepper for a few mins but was tired.. I really have to improve my stamina!

Guess what i had for breakfast??


Cereal! Not topped with wheat germ this time though..

Also my coffee


Today’s was good.. I think cos i had more leftover milk from the cereal than usual.. Yums!

And a replacement for the plum (i’m trying to include a fruit every breakfast)


A banana! Haha.. Was bringing an apple to work already, and the only other fruit is a naner! It’s been a while since i had one.. May start back on it! 🙂

Also the usual prune.

Ta for now! Boss trying to get us to pack again.. ish..


I think i’m addicted to reading food blogs! I can’t stop reading them even if it’s an old post.. Not a day without it.. I pretend i’m doing work so that i can read ’em! Gosh!

Help! Is anyone out there like me??



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