Canned foods

Unhealthy as they are, i had no choice! Was supposed to be pasta night, but it was raining cats and dogs, so i couldn’t drop by SC Neighbourhood to buy the groceries.. So it was either whatever canned stuff we had or to go out.. Dear was too lazy to do the canned foods & leftover soup it was for dinner.

Dear needed “solid” , so boiled some Bario rice.

I kind of forgot to take pics cos we were to hungry, so i did take the pics of the cans i had in the house!

We had mushroom soup as a “soup”, leftover of my soup/vegetable soup, and curry chicken..


The curry chicken, eaten many times before, was alright. But sadly, there was very little meat and only two potatoes (as in pieces, not whole potatoes). I drained out some of the oil, there was at least 2 tbsp of oil floating in there! (Gross).. The chicken was alright, to much bones. Dear said most prob they use the ones which have been used to make the Brand’s essence of chicken, which is concentrated chicken stock! So the meat, though soft, was dry..


Had Campbell’s Mushroom soup.. Wish i could buy the imported ones, they look so good, especially the chunky ones.. But it’s like at least quadruple the price! This soup normally would taste alright, but tonight it was weird. I think it could be the mix of flavours..My vegetable stew was alright… but the soup was weird..

Note: Don’t drink mushroom soup with curry chicken

soupiesNote: It’s a reenactment as i forgot to take the photos for dinner! Sorry..

Vege stew was alright.. just that the mushroom soup didn’t complement this meal..

Anyway, we went to play Monopoly on the comp, and i beat dear flat! Haha..

Came down and watched tv.. I was bit sleepy though. Did some mindless munching tough, mostly nuts.. toasted some when i got home cos i ran out.. 🙂 Bad Jace for munching mindlessly..

Oh.. And i did have a prune for dinner. 

Going to bed.. super duper sleepy!!




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