Surprisingly good leftovers!

Just gobbled my lunch!:)

But of course, before lunch, i sanitized my hands with:

guardianWith the H1N1 going on, i’m not taking chances!

Had the cold leftover sandwich from +wondermilk, which i left in the fridge..

coldhalfTo my surprise, it was good! Even though i didn’t have an oven to make the bread crisp and warm, it was actually good! The vege’s were still tasty.. the oil kinda oozed out from the bread though. But on the whole, it was a good and satisfying leftover!

Also had my orange..

segmentsThought of having it as a snack, but just ate it cos i realised my sandwich was kind of small..

The orange was yucky.. almost wanted to throw it after consuming 2 segments.. But i ate if for the nutrients.. i think next time around..i will throw it. It was way overripe and had an overripe flavour (worse than the plums). I really need to buy less fruits at a time to prevent all this..

*Guzzle Guzzle Guzzle*

cofCoffee was GOOD! Haha.. Had the grape seed coffee again.. Then i realise i should start finishing the Milo i have at home, oh well.. There’s always tomorrow!

I’m pretty full.. And i still have my trail mix for snack later (Surprise surprise, i didn’t even touch it before lunch!) Though, i did finish the bottle of Lipton green tea dear bought for me..

liptonForgot to rotate! sorry. Lol.. Was good green tea though!

Was smsing my Godpa and talking about the DISCUSSION (last night’s).. Thanks Godpa.. I’ve got no friends to whine to since they’re all gone.. I miss you, Sam!

Ok.. Ta for now..



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