Run off anger

One thing one can do while running, is zoning out and think about things.. contemplate.. think deeply.. Well, that’s what i do.. Or also think about what’s for dinner, or what to wear..

Thinking, while distrat you from running, and you feel that time flies.. though you still feel tired.. but it just doesn’t feel like ages..

That’s what i did this morning.. Run off my anger of what happened last night. Instead of sleep it off..i run.. Woke up this morning at 5.30am.. Finished the last of my Cheong Hoong.. 😦

DSC00073sorry for the bad pic.. was too lazy to go and get my camera.. so i used my phone which was right next to me at that moment.

Was planning to make green tea, but i forgot while trying to get my room sort of cleaned up.. Thought by doing that, it’d wake me up.

Did my usual run.. but my treadmill died on me on my second interval 5th minute.. Had to switch it off and do my 3rd interval: 10 minutes.. Did some stepper but only for awhile.. wasn’t motivated enough to do longer.. Also some weights in between..

Today, gramps are fetching me to work after i drop the car at the workshop.. warned them not to overdo on the kangaro bar.. just bend it back..

Breakkie was:


CEREAL.. I’m sorry it’s just going to be plain ol’ cereal cos i’m trying to finish my fast expiring PB and choc Corn Pops.. Bear with me. 1/2 cup corn pops, 1/4 cup really nutty muesli and 1/2 cup milk topped with 1 tbp wheat germ.

As usual, the leftover milk did go to my coffee and i had some green tea which i missed in the morning!


And the last of my overripe plum! Whew..

And a prune (never forget that!)

Looks like lunch is in the office today.. leftovers.. actually thank God i left the sandwich..or else no lunch.. but won’t be as nice.. Boo hoo..


Oh.. I forgot to post up the view when me and dear were at Ming Tien


The sky was EXCEPTIONALLY nice.. 🙂

And look who we found!


Isn’t it cute! It was meowing, i think looking for its mother & some food.. I gave it some rice, it couldn’t be bothered. The next table gave some chicken/fish cake.. it was bothered.. lol.. Sorry! I didn’t have meat for dinner..

Ta for now!



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