Why am i in a bad mood?? Sigh..

Dear came super early after work to pick me up.. went to the workshop (TKS) to get my car. The mechanic, Ah Chai, insisted that i don’t have to pay him. Even his wife (who normally is the one who charges), asked not to. But i was afraid gramps would kill me if i don’t give.. so i gave RM20. Dear and godpa said if it were them, they would be so happy that Ah Chai didn’t charge..

Anyway, it looked like it was going to rain heavily, and i hate going out to eat where i can’t park in a covered area.. But without asking, dear said we’re going to Food Bravo at KIP for dinner. That kinda triggered my bad mood.. Firstly, there’s no covered carpark, which meant i would have to get out my umbrella and all.. Second, i’m not exactly fond of the food there..

Went to Food Bravo, but i didn’t order anything. Thought i would just go home and eat. Dear ordered Seaweed Soup and rice (RM6.20), with hot ribena (RM2.80)(That’s a first!)

Nothing to shout about. I felt that it was not worth it cos the soup just came with slices of seaweed, slices of egg, which i don’t think was a whole egg, and minced pork.. But who’s to say if it’s worth the price since it’s coming from someone who pays more than RM10 for a sandwich.. :p

Went home, and ate MY dinner.. While dear washed dishes.. was a bit sad though cos thought he would accompany me while i was eating so i won’t be lonely.. When i called, he said he wanted to finish the dishes..So i was kinda sad.. (see..i can be pleased with small things-accompanying me to eat dinner)

Had some leftover soup from Sunday.


All good.. Though i seriously should wash the beans next time cos at the end of the soup, there was the “sandy” stuff. *sorry for being gross..i’ve learnt my lesson*

Also had a piece of bread (my grain) slathered with SS butter (my protein, though i already had lots from nuts)..


Cut it in to two so that i could savour it longer.. i just love any form of nut butters (peanut,cashew,almond,sunflowerseed).

Finished of with the usual prune, and:

d8sDear had one after he finished dishes (and i finished the soup by then) and said it was real good. So i tried.. And good it was.. Got it from my office as part of the Zakat gifts.. It has a more natural flavour compared to the cheaper types.

After bathing etc., we watched 17 again! Akak Jean & Carol lent! Munched on some nuts then.. Actually, i finished the little that’s left (after packing for tomorrow)! All gone!  I’ll make toast after work tomorrow, this time, with a new ingredient as well!

17 again was nice.. Funny.. But not like laugh your heart out funny.. Zac Efron is cute (and not in a High School Musical kind of way).

That’s pretty much it for the night..

To-do list exists..but i have no time.. Sigh..

Ta for now!



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