Visit number 3: +wondermilk

I think +wondermilk is sick of me.. or you are sick of seeing +wondermilk on my blog.. lol.. Decided to go there after dropping by the library.. The library’s system was down again.. so I HAD to go there instead of extending my books.. Sigh.

Wanted to go to the mall so i could take a walk.. Oh well.. I enjoyed my lunch though.. cuppiecakes and sandwiches.. with brinjals! What more could i ask for?

Had their set lunch (RM12.90)..

While waiting for my Grilled vege with aioli on multigrain sandwich, they gave me my drink and cupcake!


Along with the No.4! 🙂

I resisted having the cupcake, blueberry cheese before my meal..


So i drank my Passionfruit Surprise.. I think it would be my fav out of all their wondercoolers.

drinkWith bits of Passion fruit! (apparently the bits are organic!)

Then, not so long after, my sandwich came..

Took this pic while talking to dear-he passed his exam!! At least, that’s what the surveyor implied-“Well if you think your answers are correct, then pass la”. Thanks for whoever who prayed.. Thank God!

sandwichThe sandwich was delish! I just love the blend of flavours. And i think this is one of the best “western-cooked” eggplant i’ve tasted.. The bread was oily-ish though..Wonder how they managed to toast it nice and crisp.. I think it’s the panini maker..  But yum!Look at the chips! Yummy.. i did finish the chips.. But no matter how tempting it was to finish the other half of the sandwich, i didn’t (it took alot of willpower). I’m saving it for dinner, maybe when i see dear later. or tomorrow.. we’ll see.

After quickly asking them to pack the sandwich for me, i attacked the cupcake!

cuppieThis time, i got it out without it falling! 🙂 The cupcake was alright.. It had some kind of thin layer of blueberry jelly/jam.. The blueberry taste felt kind of artificial.. Cheese-wise, didn’t taste any.. And the frosting was quite oily..You can feel your lips getting oily.. I never had that the last time i came, or maybe i didn’t notice.. Cupcake-wise this trip, one of the less better ones..

Food: 8/10* | Price: 7.5/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10*

*Cupcake didn’t do them justice

*I still don’t know why they don’t smile much

+Wondermilk (uptown Damansara)

39 & 41 jalan ss 21/1A
damansara utama
47400 petaling jaya
selangor, malaysia

9am to 10pm daily
03 77258930

I may come back next time for the wonderMilk!


Strangely, my car was SUPER HOT!! I was sweating like a pig.. Even though i screened down my windscreen a little (as advised by dear and Akak Jean) it still was super hot.. When i reached office, i stepped out of the car, and it was cooler outside than in my car! Strange..

Ta for now.. Will do blog-reading before my boss comes back to give me work

P/S: I did finish my trail mix before lunch.. Didn’t feel hungry, but stomach was making noises..Maybe PMS??





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