First comment..

Thanks Akak Jean for being the first to comment! Haha.. Yay!

On other news… woke up today, only to find i have only 2 Cheong Hoong plaited biscuits!! 😦

Made green tea too, hoping that the caffiene in it (very minimal) would help me with waking up..

This time, i didn’t go back to sleep cos i find that when i do, i actually feel sleepier than the first time i wake up..

So, i did some housework! Well.. ironed some of the pants that needed ironing.. Couldn’t do the shirts cos we ran out of hangers.. Grandma keeps complaining that the hangers are disappearing.. i’m beginning to agree. but i think it’s cos of me.. lol..

Washed up some cups, mainly cos i needed to use them too.. lol..

Ran for a bit.. i still can get used to doing an extre 7 mins. 😦 Will try my best though.. But am starting back on weights!

After running,did some dish washing again while waiting to go and bathe..

Had cereal again for breakfast!


Corn Pops PB & choc with dorset Really nutty cereal.. topped with a spoonful of toasted wheat germ(still have some left from a really long time ago.. may start finishing it), with 1/2 cup HL milk.

Also had my usual cuppa and prune! And a plum..which is overriped…:(


But still alright though overriped..

Ta for now.. Got to recorrect mistakes.. 😦



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