Accident # 2

Went to mass.. dear got the side mirror fixed! Thanks dear.. Costed RM25 + RM10 for labour..

Then headed to Ming Tien, Taman Megah for dinner.. Wasn’t too keen, but oh well.. Then, i remembered. my sandwich!! But.. I forgot to take it.. 😦 So it’s my lunch for tomorrow.

Had Mixed Rice again.. though i had bad experience with the brinjal the last time, i don’t know why i tried it again.. I couldn’t resist..


The brinjals this time was not AS sweet..but still sweet..i think they put honey or some thing. was quite oily, so i was like wiping the brinjal all over my plate to get the oil off. lol! Then had some fish, cut into little cubes (it attracted me).. Was quite nice, but strange that it was harder than regular fish (not hard until un-bite-able.. but harder than normal). This cost me (or dear rather) RM 3.50…I think the fish was RM2.50..

Dear had shark fin noodle (RM4.50-i think:sorry if i’m wrong).. The soup was too starchy for my liking..

Then, ordered sushi, for which i have one piece (Kanimaki). It is one of the better “cheap” sushis..

Here comes the bad part.. THE DISCUSSION.. We discussed on where he should stay once he starts working in KLIA.. As expected, the discussion didn’t go well.

Went back at around 8-ish.. The jam wasn’t that bad anymore.. got my car from church..

ON THE WAY BACK.. when reaching the turning under the tunnel, a 4wheel drive stopped in the middle… (it was a one-lane/two-way road). So means to get past him, i’d have to cut out to the opposite lane.. And since there’s also only ONE lane in the opposite direction, and it was a BEND, i could not see the oncoming cars.. SO, i had to trust the Indian dude of the 4WD (there was a small trailer in front of the 4WD too) that there was really no cars and that i could go ahead..

But i was HESITANT.. So i took quite a while + it was pitch black..except of car’s headlights.. no street lamps.. I was pretty slow to turn out-for safety because i didn’t one to get into a HEAD-ON collision and DIE!

I suppose some people don’t care/think about such thinks, like the idiot driver of the car behind me! When i was turning out, he wanted to overtake me.. And did so.. and there went the right side of my kangaroo bar! It bent.. this time practically, 45 degrees outwards.. 2 accidents in less than a month!! The kangaroo bar is giving me headache. But my lamp would have been gone if it wasn’t for it..

The car went further and stopped.. I wanted to slow down/ stop by the side, but when i passed his car, it was a bunch of men/two men i think, inside.. There was NO WAY anyone was going to make me stop at NIGHT, where it is PITCH BLACK with a men in that car! Anyway, it was HIS fault for being IMPATIENT and not caring about his life. So, i sped off. He was lucky, in my opinion, cos if i did stop i would make him pay for the damage.. So the damage on his  car was his problem.

Grandpa noticed it and no matter how i tried to explain to gramps, i know they still think it’s my fault.. Can someone please support me??? 😦

I called dear to tell him, and instead of getting some comfort, i also got more scolding from him. As if from my gramps wasn’t enough. He was scolding/lecturing me because he said i drove carelessly when leaving the church (that i admit though..).. But he could have told me like the next day or some other time.. Not when i was already getting scolded.. Sigh..

My grandma thinks its my fault for being hesitant and slow. Well, i’m sorry, but i fear that if i get into a head-on collision, i might just die.

And grandpa just doesn’t want to listen to my “excuse”..

Sigh.. What a bad night..

So, to follow my emotion,plus the fact i didn’t eat the rice=no grains for the dinner.. i went down, had 2 prunes, some nuts, 2 peanut candy and a small piece of honeycomb cookies.

Going to bed after talking to dear..what a night..




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