No Vitamin C!

Went to 1u today to buy Vitamin C for Grandma.. guess what,they ran out! Went to Caring pharmacy cos their prices are more reasonable. Blackmores vitamin C Buffered for about RM79 ish.. (230 + 30).. So i ordered two sets and will also buy Fish oil.. thinking of changing multi vitamins to that cos i think myappetite increases when consuming multi vits.

So i went to RotiBoy!!! I love eating the top part and the bottom.. I don’t really fancy the bread.. which is nice.. but trying to “cut down” i give Max or a stray dog.. They need it more than i do right?

Dropped by Coffee Bean since i’m at 1U. I go to Starbucks when there’s a Borders in sight! Hehe.. I got myself a Hazelnut Low fat Latte.. RM11.35 after tax.. used my Coffeebean card!


I liked that they used a foreign milk, i.e. Australian Pura Milk.. At least you’re getting what you pay for..


Yum.. Was sweet.. I guess cos of the Hazelnut syrup.. Maybe next time i’ll order a normal latte with NSA powder. Too bad they don’t have RM2 if you use a tumbler.. I would come here more often..

The cakes definitely look better than Starbucks.. But have not try them before.. Desserts are for sharing! And since noone comes here with me.. I’ve not tried them..


But i had my RotiBoy!!! Yummy! I love the parts where the topping spills over at the sides!! The bottom part is so buttery as seen below…


Look!! I had some, but those that were attached to the “skin” of the bread.. It was so tempting.


This is what’s left after Jaclyn attacks a RotiBoy! Hehe.. Butterish part was so tempting, but i smartly packed it up immediately, knowingly that after it gets cold, i won’t even bother..

Got to do some walking.. Was looking for a nice toothbrush holder..couldn’t find one (a nice one) 😦

Oh..and before lunch..i had some of my trail mix..


The portion x 2.. So i still have some.. Which i may attack in a while..

May be going for mass and having dinner with dear.. His exam is tommorow! Pray for him and wish him luck!

Ta for now!



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