No mass…

So..i did eat my trail mix as i said so.. 🙂

And my apple!!


Thought of eating more fruits to up my daily fruit the same time finish fruits that Granpa buys but do not eat.. (Don’t ask me why he buys)

Drank the K20 Water to tide my hunger till church

k20I think it already expired.. but a few days back.. It should be alright, right?… Right?

K2oMixed it in the Alla Fonte bottle cos it’s exactly 500ml! 🙂 Don’ worry.. i only reuse it once and then recycle.. Go Green!

Anyway, found out that i’ve to correct mistakes of whoever who did the accounts in my office.. SO UNFAIR! Sigh.Least will keep me busy..

Went to church..and guess mass… Should have checked the bulletin first! Anyway, so i parked my car outside Loong Foong Restaurant and me and dear went to Bao Bao at Aman Suria for dinner.. I know i just had my snack.. But still ate.. hehe.

I ordered the 3 in 1 vege + 1 egg and my favourite fish cake!

soupThe  egg really changes the soup’s taste.. was yummy.. the vege was fresh..there were also mushrooms…wait.. and now i’m trying to figure out what’s the other vege supposed to be.. lol.. Oh well.. The vege is even better with the chilli!!

chilliYummy chilli! But SUPER DUPER oily.. so sad.. but i still had some.. The chilli sold at Pasar malam..if i’ve not mistaken..One Nonya brand i think.. RM10 per bottle.. is much better as it is crunchy, yet not ladened in oil..

fish cakeFish cake was nice and crunchy.. Slightly oily again.. but not like the chilli of course.. I love this fish cake.. i’m so curious how they make it.. Costs RM3, but worth it for the portion. It used to be cheaper though..

Dear ordered the Special Soup with torn noodles. I didn’t want any noodles cos was still full from snacks..

The bill came up to about RM11 something excluding drinks.. We brought our own water!

Headed off to Old Town White Coffee(Aman Suria branch) cos we wanted to wait till the jam is not so bad.. Also, it’s Buka Puasa time.. so i can assume all the Malays (who have been fasting) must be going back to buka puasa (break fast).

We had a good time chatting.. Dear’s exam is tomorrow.. So he needs some relaxation now..

Shared a white coffee (RM2.80). Was afraid to get one each as dear is quite sensitive to caffeine.

whiteThe coffee was for some reason.. REALLY good today.. i mean.. better than average.. We asked for no sugar and added our own though.. It’s actually very smart of them to give us a small cup for RM2.80.. If you calculate, it’s slightly similar to Starbucks cos though Starbucks is more expensive, the size is bigger.. “Optical Illusion”. Haha.. Anyway, Old Town is a good alternative if you don’t want to feel like you’re paying for overpriced coffee.. But i still love my Starbucks!

Dear also got a toast with kaya and butter..

breadHe grabbed a piece before i could take a shot.. This was supposed to be my share, but i passed on the offer.. 🙂

dearDear..explaining something to me.. Hehe.. I’m so glad to see him not too stressed out.. It’s confirmed that he will be working in KLIA… 😦 I won’t get to see him as often.. I hope he gets the section with the flexible shift..

We left at about 7.30.. Dear fetched me back to the church to get my car.. It was so embarassing when i was trying reverse and go out cos a lady had to wait for me for quite a while.. I admit.. I have horrible parking/reversing skills. I’m still not sure about the size of my car..though it IS a Kancil. How big can it be? Lol..

It was quite jam.. but not stand still..

Got back, ate 2 prunes and a couple ‘o nuts, and 2 PB Crumbz!

I’m gonna sleep early.. or at leat try.. I never realise how little i sleep since i start waking up early! Must sleep..

Lol.. I’m off.. Ta!

G’Nite.. Sleep well..



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