Choc and PB Corn Pops

Woke up at 5.10am today.. Thought that i could squeeze in an extra 7 mins to up my exercise.. Since i realise what i’m doing is actually little compared to how i eat! lol.. But was too sleepy.. Had my usual plaited biscuits, then felt quite awake though.. But decided to sleep back till 6.. But i snoozed till 6.20am.. So much for extra 7 mins..

Did the usual run.. But managed to do the stepper for about 5 mins while waiting for my sweat to dry. Watched House and read Seventeen (Old Mag) while stepping! Haha..

Decided to have my corn pops (PB and Choc) today! Bought it off the Reduce to clear section (not all of us are rich).. So it was cheap, though going to expire.. I plan to leave it in the fridge to make it last longer.

Got it to actually mix it with the dorset cereals.








The small bits are the Dorset Really Nutty Muesli (1/4 cup) and the balls floating are the Choc and PB corn pops(1/2 cup).. All with 1/2 cup HL Milk.

I was doubting the Corn pops at first cos it felt softish (i thought it could be cos it was near expiry).. But it was still crunchy!crispy!Sweet! Peanut butterryy!!! Though it looks more like chocolate..but you can really taste the PB flavour..I’ll take a pic of the Box later when i get home from work!

I want more.. Sigh.. Control!

Had my coffee with the leftover milk and a plum (overripe 😦 )


Also ended with a prune..

And left for work.. Later i’m going to 1u for lunch..cos need to go to Caring pharmacy!




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