What a jerk!

Today, me and dear went to the accessory shop to get the blind spot mirror and rear wiper for my car.. Right before leaving, i noticed a line which looked like a crack on my side mirror.. Told dear, but dear was convinced it was a line for the blind spot which some cars have…

So we went home.. After napping, (4 something), dear was teaching me how to change tyres.. Which i did learn! but not easy.. was sweating.. The tires are so heavy!

Anyway, then dear noticed the “line” was a CRACK! I was sure it was the guy at the accessory shop in Aman Puri who caused it. Most probably while installing the blind spot mirror!! I think he pressed it too hard.. We went back, but the jerk totally denied it! Dear said his explanation was logical, that if he press one side, it won’t crack.. but if he pressed on both sides to hard, then it would have!! Dear was too nice, and didn’t argue.. Sigh..

And i couldn’t cos the jerk was speaking in Mandarin! If Grandpa was there, he would have yelled at him.. Now i’ve to spent meaningless RM30 or so to get it fixed..

I went to the accessory shop to give them business.. and they destroy something, and REFUSE to refund!! What jerks! I’m NEVER going back there again! EVER..

On other matters, before changing tyres/after napping, we had a snack. Dear ate the leftovers from lunch.. and i had my plum!plum

Can you spot dear’s reflection?? Hehe..

And some bayam (spinach) chips Akak Jean bought from Bandung..

bayamI had a piece..and a couple of small ones.. quite nice.. but lacking spinach flavour.. Slightly spicy..Alot of flour.. May prefer the kale chips i say on Kath’s blog.

Ta for now.. Got gardening to do!




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