The best oyster omellete/O’Chien

Did some gardening.with dear’s help.loosened up the soil and fertilized my spinach patch.(sorry..i’m not 100% organic, no pesticides though!)..

But i’m still feeling ‘mm gum yuin” (not satisfied) about the jerk at the car accessory shop.

Decided to go to Kepong Food Court (the one in front of Carrefour)..

Ordered my usual brinjal and some cauliflower (not pictured), sambal, anchovies and peanuts (RM2) from the Nasi Lemak stall..


Sorry..kinda only remembered to take a pic at my last brinjal.. I love the mix rice here. Brinjals are yummy.. and i can take as much peanuts/anchovies(ikan bilis) as i want.. Which i did consume alot (in addition to the munching on nuts through out the day 😐 )

Of course, i had to have my favouritr Ochien (oyster omellete)(RM7).. The stall in this food court serves the BEST ever!!!!


The base is so crispy, yet it’s full of egg..Has a reasonable amount of oysters (a.k.a “O”).. Though i do not really like the oysters due to the stench, but eating it with the garlic chilli really takes the stench away, so i did end up having a few myself! Yumm! It’s crispy, yet the egg is soft and fluffy.. Unlike the one in the Kepong food court (not the one near Carrefour), it lacked of egg & “O”..

Dear got some sushi (RM4..or RM3.50..kinda forgot), which grandpa took some too..

sushiThe sushi, dear thought was alright, but said that Ming Tien was better.. Personally, i like my Sakae or Zanmai! Hehe

Grandpa ordered Sang Ha Sang Meen (RM5).. gave me and dear some..


It’s basically noodles with prawns.. Supposedly crispy noodles.. (sang meen) but they used Yee Mee.. I’m not sure if grandpa really thought it was good, cos he kept passing it around… The pic is the portion he gave..not the whole thing.. lol

The prawns were cut the way i like cos it was easy to peel.. But i think it was overcooked.. 😦

Grandma ordered two bowls of Ham Choy Tofu Soup (Salted vegetables and Tofu soup. (Forgot pic..sorry!).. It was GOOD! All of us thought so.. RM3.5o only! Only thing is that they used chicken breast instead of pork, but it still was good! Even healthier since chicken was used.

Grandma had Thai Mee Siam (Siam Noodles). forgot to take pic too cos she was busy distributing it again.. Slightly sour,spicy.. i don’t really like it.. found it a bit too bland.. But Gramps think it’s good.

Also ordered Ais Kacang (ABC) cos we decided to skip the usual Tong Sui (Sweet Soup) shop at the Hong Kong Dessert place.. The ABC was nice.. Almost better than the one at SS2 Glutton Square.. Lots of peanuts (again) and red bean and cincau.. *I asked for no corn and cendol

Came home, and ate my usual prune.. i think that’s all for the night..

Watched Pink Panther 2, Akak Jean and Akak Carol lent. HILARIOUS.. lol.. “Is-land!” Laughed till my stomach hurt..

I’m looking forward to Final Destination 3 in 3D!! 3 Sept! must watch!

Ta for now! Nite



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