Home-cooked lunch

It’s been a while since i cooked lunch at home. Today decided to cook since dear was studying for his exam..

Lunch was easy peasy as there was only one dish which required ACTUAL cooking.

Soup was the soup that i made a few days ago.. taken out from the freezer and reheated. The carbs, was coming from the wedges, Simplot wedges.. Dear loves them.. Just bake them in the oven.. It’s quite healthy if you bake them.. Don’t deep fry.. You can still get the crunch from baking them.. just not too long though..

Chicken, i made using the leftover boneless chicken thigh. I cut it into tenders and marinated it awhile in buttermilk (made with vinegar and milk), salt, black pepper and italian seasoning. Marinated for half an hour since we came back quite late and i started quite late. Then seperated some of the milk from the chicken. Coated the chicken with Kentucky flour, dumped it in the buttermilk (seperated) and coated again with a mix of breadcrumbs, italian seasoning, salt and black pepper.

With regular cooking vegetable oil (Seri Murni), I pan fried them. Too make sure it’s fully cooked, i covered them (as seen on Chef at Home, Michael Smith). Then i turned it over and covered them again. Could’ve baked it in the oven, but i have not figured out how to not make it too dry..

chickenThe soup, i just reheated in the microwave.. (2 portions)


The wedges baked for half hour, slightly too long cos some turned out too crunchy/dry.. but i liked them.. like chips!!

chipsWe couldn’t finish the soup.. I ate about 3/4 of the round bowl, but dear couldn’t finish his (the one in the rectangular tupperware  behind the chips). lol.. SO put them in the fridge..

The chicken.. i ate quite abit.. so did dear, left some for snack. I ate a few chips.. The small crunchy ones!!

Ended my meal with a prune.. and more mixed nuts.. Really have to cut down.. I SERIOUSLY can notice my pimples are increasing.. A handful is healthy.. A few handfuls a day.. no..

Ta for now.. Going to watch “Taken” which Akak Jean & Carol lent!



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