For lunch, teowchew porridge, for dinner

I mentioned that i wanted to clean my room and have lunch at home… but suddenly, Grandpa said, go bathe, in other words, go get ready, we’re leaving! I didn’t know that they had fed the dogs AND had lunch in less than 15 mins.

Then, of course, they didn’t have lunch, fed the dogs, came back, and decided that we should go for lunch and then the mall or something to kill time till mass.

Waited for the rain to die down, then decided to go to Hong Seng coffee shop, the place i went with dear for lunch before lagoon. I was fine with it, cos the vegetarian mixed rice had my brinjals!!

Went there, got my brinjals and some funny looking fake meat..

veg mix riceThe brinjals were good as usual (I like any kind of brinjals..except those places where they make it sweet.. YUCK! ).. The fake meat.. which i think it’s supposed to be fake mantis prawn is bland. Didn’t really like it.

Didn’t take much cos i finished my trail mix at home and was planning to have a cuppa at Starbucks Borders. Ah Po got Char Siew Fan (Roasted Pork (with sweet char siew sauce) with rice) and Choy Keok (Preserved vegetables in hot and sourish soup and other pork entrails/meat..

chicThis place is more famous for the Siew Yuk Fan (Fried Pork (3 layer meat) with rice), but they were sold out (told you they were famous). The Char Siew, which i tried some, was alright.. Choy Keok was good, but it had increased in price (RM4.20), apparently, decreased in portion (according to Grandma). The Char Seiw Rice is RM4.20.

Grandpa also had the Char Siew Fan and a side of Salted Vege (Ham Choy) and Pig’s Head (Gross) from the Teowchew porridge stall for only RM2.

Told grandpa about dear’s experience that day, he said we were cheated.. Boo.. But since they’re really good, i would go back, but make sure i’ll ask them to break the bill down..

3 things this coffee shop is good for :

  • Teowchew porridge (excellent Ham Choy, good duck and stewed pork)
  • Siew Yuk Fan & Choy Keok (Though the lady owner is quite rude..)
  • Vegetarian rice (Yummy brinjals, potatoes)
  • Heard the Wan Tan Mee is good.. not to sure

This place is quite crowded during lunch, so it’s good to come early.. Section 17, Road 17/38.. Hong Seng coffee shop

The nearby coffee shop which Sam Cheong recommended in The Star, called Mel’s Corner, has good white coffee, according to Grandma.. I still like my Starbucks and Illy.

After lunch, we dropped by Seapark, SS2 cos Grandpa wanted to do some stuff.. So i went to the Guten Braun baking shop to buy some almonds.. also bought some oats.. wanted to switch up my trail mix and add some almonds, see if it works to keep me full.. :p

Then went to Curve. Been looking for a small pouch to put some of my stuff, i.e. mint, lip gloss, breath spray, pen etc. in my bag.. Now i’m using a big pencil case/make-up bag. Walked around the flee market at Curve, couldn’t find any. Quite like the LeSportSac i saw at Metrojaya before, but pricey even after discount (RM50)..

Grandma look pretty tired, so after some walking, we went to Borders. I got a Caramel Macchiato for Grandma and Grandpa. All this while, i’ve been getting them that whenever they come to Starbucks, but only today, Grandma realised and said, ” This one’s quite good!”.. Sigh.. lol..

Then i ate my really small apple (that i brought from home) at around 3 something, guess cos of the small lunch..

Read some magazines: Women’s Health, Flavours, etc.

Then decided to go for a walk. Passed by Juiceworks and felt like getting one. Then i remembered Mystyle had offered a Buy 1 Free 1 voucher for JuiceWorks. So i got the voucher and got a Berry licious and Mango Melody for Grandma and Grandpa (the caramel macchiato i ordered was just a tall)

The Berry licious was nice.. mix of bananas,berries, and some low fat yoghurt. But i think it’s not tha low calorie.. Not sure if they use juices (meaning it’s not so fresh as we thought, cos i saw some of the descriptions in the menu included the word juices).

Berry liciousWent back to Starbucks and gave Granmps theirs and i headed off to Cold Storage.. Was looking for some cereal to balance of my high calorie nutty cereal at home.. In the end, got the Choc PB Corn Pops (they were being reduced to clear, that’s why i was willing to buy.. i’m not that rich..only when i start earning.. )

Then, went for mass. Realised we were going to Cheras for Teow Chew Porridge and claypot chicken rice! Haha.. Gonna eat Choy Keok and Ham Choy again! Nevermind, cos the food there is good.

Met at Akak Carol’s place and hopped into her car. Cheras is pretty far, but i guess much talking in the car made it seem less “long”..

Got a few dishes from the teowchew porridge section: beans, tofu, braised egg, salted egg, choy keok, boiled peanuts

teowchewReordered more beans though.. The beans are good!!!!!!! I seriously need to figure out how they cook it cos it’s the best of all… The rest were alright. Peanuts are also good.. Dear tried once last time, he said it’s almost as good as his favourite in Seremban (which sadly closed or moved).

choy keokChoy Keok was good too.. Not to spicy compared to Hong Seng coffee shop.. But not as soft.. Sorry, only managed to get the pic at the end cos it was far from me.

We also ordered two big claypot chicken rice.

claypot chic riceI love the claypot chicken rice because it’s fragrant from the Lap Cheong (pork sausage, sweetish flavour) in it. Also, it has loads of crusty bits of rice (not bits, practically pieces) stuck at the pot. I know it’s not that healthy cos it’s kinda burnt.. But i love burnt stuff (maybe except burnt nuts), and this burnt stuff is delicious.. So crispy!! And yummy cos it’s soaked with the black sauce! Haha.. The chicken is nice, but not enough of chicken. I was fine with breast meat, but i don’t think for those who prefer the smoother cuts like thigh or drumstick (Gramps).

The bill came up to RM53 or 54.. inclusive of 4 chinese tea and 1 warm water..

Sorry, forgot to take the name of the shop down.. We were too busy thinking something which happened.. A lady, oldish, came and asked us for RM2 for food. She gave some excuse that she met with and accident and had something to do with injuring her breast (do not ask me why she chose to explain/lie using that body part). Anyway, she wouldn’t leave until Akak Carol gave her RM5. She took the money, and went off without a word of thanks. Seemed desperate, so we were wondering what her real intention was..

Anyway, we went for dessert at Jet’s. Some nearby cafe which serves Akak Carol’s fav vanilla Milkshake. Had a spoon of it.. Not too sweet, but can tell they put pure vanilla ice cream in it. Gramps and Akak Jean had a scoop of ice cream each and i had my magazines and green tea! 🙂 Go me, for not being tempted!

Didn’t take photos since i didn’t eat!

Headed back pretty late, which is the reason i’m posting this at 1am!

Akak Carol passed more dvds to watch! Yay.. but may take awhile!

I think i should go sleep now.. Eyes can barely open..

Ta for now



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