Brekkie at Old Town

I intended to go and try the new “Nutritious Breakfast” at KIP today with dear….but as usual, most of the places i really want to try, happens to close when i want to eat them.. 😦 So we ended up going to Old Town White Coffee. Thought i would meet gramps and Akak Jack there, but i think they had a change of plans..

I settled with two soft boiled omega eggs (RM2.50) and a white milk tea (RM2.80). Usually i wouldn’t have ordered the soft boiled eggs here cos i’ve had bad experiences of them coming 3/4 boiled (YUCK!), but on Thursday, dear’s was alright.

softAnd so was mine today! Yay.. I’m used to having mine with loads of soy sauce. I can’t stand soft boiled eggs “unseasoned”..

whiteMy milk tea was nice too, after an addition of “sweet and low” i stashed from Gloria Jeans.. Hehe..

Dear got the Western Breakfast (RM8.90) and a White Coffee (RM 2.80).

whitecofWithout sugar though, cos normally, it’s very sweet, so it’s recommended (by me and dear) that you add your own.

westernWestern breakfast wasn’t as pathetic as i expected. Note that a piece of bread is gone since dear grabbed it before i could take a shot. The  fries were WAY to salty though! Seriously.. Saltiest ever.. Maybe, next time, we should tell them to hold the salt. Otherwise, it’s alright. Dear said the bread was good and was very satisfied. And they served it with good quality butter-SCS.

I had some fries, tapped off to remove some salt. And the sides of dears bread (with some butter).. i love sides.. Hehe..

I just suddenly felt that Old Town is quited pricey.. The bill came to about RM18.something, including a glass of warm water.

Different branches, the prices are different, e.g., In 1U, the white coffee is RM3.20 if  i’ve not mistaken.. Here  RM2.80 though it USED to be RM2.50.. Oh well..

Before i left the house, i snacked on some trail mix also.. When i came back too.. and a prune after brekkie..

Gonna cook for lunch since dear has to study for his Tuesday exam. Wish him luck, and most importantly, pray for him!

Ta for now..

Food: 7/10 | Price: 6/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7/10*

*Normally, the service is really bad when there are too many people, but today is alright. Good improvement on the menu!

Old Town White Coffee (Aman Puri Branch)


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