It’s so great to wake up at 830!!! Such a great sleep, though i did wake up at about 7something only to go back to sleep again.. Woke up and did some clean up and bringing up of my stuff from downstairs to upstairs.

Was contemplating between cereal and bread for breakfast.. Went for cereal cos been having bread the past few days..

Opened up my new cereal from Dorset Cereals:

It’s seriously nutty.. but also high in cals.. 362 per 100g, per 70 g of serving which is only 1/2 cup it’s comes up to about 253 cal..Inclusive of semi-skim milk..311.. higher than the average cereal cos of the nuts i think.. But its quite yummy. I expected it to be soft, but the wheat flakes are crunchy.

I mixed 1/4 cup of it with my Nestle Fitnesse cereal leftover.. lower the cals. But next time, i think i’ll get a lower cal cereal to mix with this.. 🙂

cerealAlso had my coffee and a prune..

And my overripen plum..

Akak Jean came. Chatted with her den proceeded on to mopping upstairs..

Helped bathed the dog. was lazy to get the hand-washing of the laundry done. Some other day.. But i do plan to clean my room after this post.

Had some trail mix after washing Max and a bite of the Honey comb biscuits

Honeycomb biscuits (Chinese)Called Astro just now, cos was hoping to attach my New Bonuslink card to the bill.. turns out they don’t have ties with them anymore..only during promo.. Boo Hoo!

Ah Po is going out nearby for lunch cos she wants to feed the stray dogs before it rains. I think i’ll come up with something at home.. Maybe my soup again! 🙂

Ta for now! Will go clean my messy room, which after cleaning, will be messy in a few days..



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