Snack, Coffee, then lunch!

I couldn’t resist, and went for my trail mix before lunch!

homemade trail mix

Yummy.. i just love nuts.. I think i would eat it all day if it wasn’t so fattening and causing all my pimples.. 😦

Today’s plan during lunch break:

  • Border’s= Starbucks + read magazines
  • Cold Storage
  • Tesco: Buy mosquitoe mat & toilet cleaner
  • Come back to office to eat my soup

But, i never knew how time flies.. I managed to “SCAN” through 2 magazines at Starbucks Borders. Had my Soy Milk Vanilla Latte with my tumbler!!


Sorry.. didn’t take the inside of the tumbler.. Used it so that i can SAVE the paper cups and RM2! Yay!

First time trying out soy milk.. Not bad..but i’d still go for Skim milk.. Read/scanned through Good HouseKeeping & Women’s Health.

Walked  about cold storage (I wish they had overseas products at cheap prices.. 😦 I visit all the food blogs and i super envy them! Sam, come back from Aus! then i can ask you to bring some stuff back for me! Hehe).. Decided that almonds from the baking schop are may drop by later.

Then realised i left my parking ticket in the car!! Had to walk back to the car (really far) then go to Tesco. Only managed to get the mosquitoe mat cos by that time i realised my lunch break was over.

Rushed back and had my lunch..


Sorry for the bad photos.. My office lighting is not the best.. 😦 White Flourescent lights..

This was the soup i made on Tuesday.. Reheated in the office pantry microwave..which i think some spilled in it.. I think thw soup was a tad bit too sour..but i love the chunky vege in it.. Next time, i should rinse the beans first cos i think there is some sandy looking stuff from it.. (Eww)..


The beans were not soft enough, but okay for me.. I didn’t put any pasta inside, cos i felt this soup was chunky enough.. So i haven’t had any grain yet.. Maybe a biscuit later..

After work, i may get to my workout cos dear’s meeting his friend tonight. Meaning, if i go for mass, i’ll have to come back straight, meaning JAM!

No work for me now … (not yet).. oh, here’s a pic of Max i forgot to post this morning!


I think he’s angry at me for ignoring him lately.. It’s just that i got back quite late the past few days! Don’t worry max, i’ll play with you after work0ut k! Haha..

Ok.. Ta for now!



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