Skipped running

Woke up at 7.15 am today. Wanted to wake up at 5 to run, but didn’t wanna disturb dear who was staying over.. I was the first to get up.. i think the rain gave everyone a good sleep!

Maybe will squeeze in my run later.. if im not meeting dear..or tomorrow since i’m not working tomorrow.

Had my other half of red bean and cream cheese bun! yummy!

SDC10221Heated it on the microwave, then put it in the toaster for a bit so that it’ll crisp up. It’s on the wire rack so that the steam won’t make it soggy..

Though overnight, it’s still yummy! Made with some kind of whole grain.. I love the buns at Patisfrance.

Also had my cuppa..








I know.. it’s no fancy coffee with nice foam or whatever.. I’m too poor to go and get a nice coffee machine..I will, once i start earning good moolah..

But it’s still coffee..and i need it too keep me going..

Ended my meal with a prune.

Didn’t wake dear up till right before i left. He looked so sleepy. So i heard he had breakfast with gramps at Old Town White Coffee in Aman Puri.. Sigh.. I can’t join them..

Now, i feel weird not running.. Not as much energy.. I’m just so used to my daily mprning run. I may even stick to it when uni starts!

Anyway, Ta for now, may have abit of snack.. we’ll see!



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