Leftovers ain’t so good..

Decided to have my apple though i was not uber hungry.


Thought i should up my fruit intake! But this is a really small apple.. lol.. But i still cut it up cos it hurts my jaws.. (TMJ Disorder)

Was so bored, was practically reading food blogs which was not boring..but made me think about food too much. My boss went out, looks like they went to HQ, till it was 5.30pm.. so i just left after that.. I know i was meaning to drop by House of Ingredients to buy some almonds.. but seeing the traffic light, and the jam.. i decided not to.. I still have my jar of trail mix at home!

trail mixSo went back home, ate a Handi Snack by Kraft.. actually some sort of butterscotch pudding..

snackPretty low in cals (90).. Lacked in crunch, so i added some cashews/peanuts in it.. (not pictured)..

By 6.30-ish i started my workout. Ran 7 mins at 8.8 km/h (on incline), 7mins 9km/h (on incline), 7mins 9.2km/h (no incline). Did some weights before workout though. After workout, did about 20 mins on the stepper Akak Jean gave before i got the treadmill. I just started back on the stepper cos i realise my workouts of 20 min runs are not that substansial.

Ah Kong and Ah Po called and said my car was okay. I seriously have been hearing some “duhk duhk duhk ” sound when i step on the brakes today. The mechanic said it was alright, just put some grease cos there was some squeaky sound (which i did’nt hear)..

Ate my dinner after bathing.. My leftover chicken crisp and brie from Wednesday’s O’Brien’s lunch!

sandwichAs you know, this is my favourite sandwich, but not so after a few hours or days rather.. but still ate it.. Chicken crisp was not crunchy..it was chewy.. Boo!

Then while eating my prune.. i saw something in the fridge.. The plums i bought last week!! EeeK..

overripeImagine, we put fruits in the fridge so that they won’t overripe.. But this plum overriped in the fridge! i totally forgot about them.. So now, i’d have to eat them before they turn worse than they already are.. I ate it too cold though, so much so that though i don’t have sensitivity towards “too cold” foods, my teeth hurt!

Then munched on some cashews/peanuts.. Yummy! i love them too much!

Now i realise that it’s better to have a PROPER snack when one is hungry instead of munching on a whole lotta stuff.. lol..

Thought today was Thursday, wanted to tune in to Chef at Home..instead i was staring at French Food at Home.. I missed my Chef at home yesterday!!

Watched Medium until dear called me.. strangely was sleepy by 10 ish.. so which means i’m pretty sleepy now..

Tomorrow is a day of house cleaning!

Ta for now, see ya at breakfast! Eat your breakfast!


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