Reading and running

Thought i could run an extra 7 mins on the treadmill..but i was too tired.. plus i had no time..

Before workout, i had my 2 plaited biscuits..they’re least the Cheong Hoong ones are..


Went back to bed and got up at 6.24 am to run.. Thought of reading a mag..but who’d knew it would be so hard.. (I think everyone but I tried to do it yesterday, it was alright since i was wearing contacts. But the words were uber tiny.

Then i tried today with my glasses..they were bobbing up and down and making me so dizzy.. So i ended having the back of a magazine with a picture of someone with a hot body to motivate me to run (I want that body! haha)..

Gramps were fetching me to work. So touched that they were willing to fetch me today cos dear will be picking me up after work to go for mass.

Had cream cheese and red bean bun today!

cream cheese & redbean

Bought it from Patisfrance yesterday..

Also had my usual cuppa, a prune, and some nuts (made ’em yday! so happy!)

Today, i brought some interesting things for lunch.. Though i forgot my protein water 😦 Totally forgot it was still in the fridge.

See you at lunchies!!


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