Lunch in the office

Was pretty hungry when 12.3o pm stroke. I’m used to eating on time.. Should try to listen to my hunger pangs though..

Had the old sourdough bread for lunch (bought from Patisfrance). Spreaded on Kaya this morning

This bread doesn’t do well when toasted and eaten few hours later. It’s excellent fresh..but disappointed me for my lunch. It was quite hard and chewy and i had to reheat it in the microwave to make it softer. But it wasn’t quite as good.


As for the kaya, i used one from Killiney Kopitiam, which i think Ah po forgot it existed in the fridge. Smelled alright, so i thought why not, for a change. It was okay, but not the best.

Brought some raw CARROTS for the first time!! Haha.. Go me! up my veg count! Had them with some SS butter! yummy.. but i kinda put too little on each carrot stick cos i found it hard to spread.. But the SS butter was yum. Still have some left. Maybe will save some for snacking later!

pbncarrotsAlso brought my Grape Seed coffee. I found this at a coffee shop/cafe once in SS15. I think it was from a direct selling company, but recently, i found them in Tesco.

coffeegsApparently, no table sugar is used in this. I think they use artificial sugar. It’s “decently” sweet. You can taste that it’s different from other coffees, tiny bit of the grapeseed-ish taste. Yums.. only 90 cals..


Quite frothy but it’s not in no funny named substance used to make it frothy.. (if i’ve not mistaken, an anti-caking agent). I find that in Tesco’s imported cuppacino drink.  This one is nicer.. :p

Was planning to have my lunch at Starbucks today so i can go for a walk in the mall. but no car.. 😦 (Can’t walk outside here.. too dangerous..)

Got some blog reading to be done before i begin working.. 🙂





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