Glutton Square (SS2)

Dear had some problem at the office, so he picked me up late. Was late for mass, but it was important that he went there because he was grateful he settled everything. 🙂

Went to Glutton Square for dinner. Thought of SS2 murni, but would be too packed.. I THOUGHT I could have my ABC (Ais Batu Campur a.k.a. shaved ice), but I remembered upon reaching, that it’s closed on Thursdays!! 😦

Anyway, i still was satisfied cos the vegetarian mixed rice was OPEN!! Yay!

Had my favourite Yau Char Kway (Deep Fried Dough) and brinjals. Forgot that i was already going to take YCK, and i went and ask for some brown rice (Yes,they serve brown rice!)

veg riceI love the YCK cos it’s crispy, not like those you find normally.. It’s crispy, cut up into small pieces, and it’s fried with sesame seeds and some sweet and spicy sauce. Not oily until the oil is oozing out, but not something to be consumed all the time.  Brinjals were nice, not GREAT. The sambal is good too.. My plate cost RM2.50..

Dear ordered fish and chips from the near by Western Food stall

fishnchipsSorry, Dear was too hungry to pause and let me take pic. It was breadcrumbed dory fish, with fries, coleslaw, tartar sauce and strangely, deep-fried mantau. I love deep-fried mantau, but thought i should pass on dear’s offer as i already had alot on my plate. His was RM7.

I did try his fish. Not salty enough. Fries reminded me of frozen fries.. i think it is.. lol..

Then..after finishing my plate (not rice though), i was SO tempted to get more YCK. I thought since i didn’t get my ABC today, i should go and get more.. which i did..

2ndhelpingThe rice of course is not a second helping. It’s leftover, which dear had some later. I did finish this RM0.50 of YCK! 🙂 Yummy.. though i didn’t really need it.. but i enjoyed it!



Went back home..ate 2 prunes, some nuts and broad beans..

Oh, and dear helped me take the pic of the mole on my scalp.. i always thought it was a bald patch, but turns out to be grey-ish.. i know.. (Eww)








Watched some tv while reading my old magazine. Never realise that there’s not much to watch anymore..So we went to play Monopoly on the computer! Haha.. so funny. Was abit annoyed with dear cos he was on the brink of obssession (not so extreme, but i don’t know any other word.. “serious”). But he still lost! Haha. Maybe to make  me happy.. lol

Time for bed! Gnite!




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