Super Early

Had to wake up super early today cos grandparents had to fetch me to work. Grandma had to be at the hospital early so we had to leave at 7.30am!! Which meant i had to get up early to workout!

Last night, i boiled some soup to use the leftover veges i had. But could only start late.. Used the Hearty Lentil Soup recipe mentioned in last nite’s post. Tweaked it a bit though,. And i doubled the servings..

Added a mix of beans instead of Lentils, no potatoes, no spring onions, no cilantro. Added Cauliflower and brocolli

I forgot that i needed to rinse and soak the beans first. I used the Greenlove  brand and found some rice mites in them!! EEK!!!

Had to strain the soup cos some of it went in the soup (Pls don’t be grossed out.. Sorry! 😦 ) Anyway, because i forgot to soak the beans, it took an awful long time to cook and i was sleepy.. So i left it on the stove (gas switched off) and continued when i woke up at 5.20 am today.

It worked though! So i took them out and put them into freezer containers this morning. Will take pics when i eat it!

Before workout, i had my Plaited biscuits for fuel!


Plaited biscuits are nice!!! It’s flaky and sweet..but not too sweet.. Cheong Hoong ones are the best..

I only did the treadmill today.. My arms ache from yesterday’s lifting and packaging..

Had cereal with HL low fat milk, topped with some SS butter!! Yums..

cereal w sunflower seed butta

using and old pic cos i need to save the space.. WordPress only gives 3 Gb.. 😦 My cereal was kinda crumbly though.. Almost finishing the Fitnesse cereal.. Also had my cuppa, which was suprisingly really good today! Yay me!


Ended with a prune and my vitamins!! 🙂

Ta for now.. Going to bank with Gramps during lunch!


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