O’Brien’s and coffee with Gramps!:)

Was SUPPOSED to go the bank, but grandma went with Akak Jean already, so we went straight for lunchies!

Went to O’Briens at 1 Utama to use my Buy 1 sandwich free 1 sandwich voucher.. I think i’m getting Kiasu by the day.. but who cares.. as long as i’m satisfied! :p

Couldn’t use my other birthday voucher (Buy 1 coffee free 1 coffee) in the same transaction. So i got me and grandpa’s sandwiches first. Grandma already had lunch at Tanglin hospital after her visit.. I think it’s cos she knows she won’t enjoy sandwiches. Note: She’s not into foods other than Chinese, Indian or Malay food.

I got my fav chicken crisp and brie sandwich and Grandpa wanter the Tuna Swiss Melt.


My favourite..and as usual yummy chicken crisp and brie.. Wanted to finish it cos i knew that the chicken crisp won’t stay so crisp anymore after awhile.. But i was reminded of my weight goal! So i took back half but finished the chips! Go me!


Grandpa’s tuna swiss melt looked nice.. But i don’t really know why they call it melt when it has no cheese from what i see. He said, “It’s the best tuna sandwich i’ve eaten”. Congrats O’Briens, you have won my grandpa over. Nest Step: Grandma. Lol

I ate Grandpa’s sides cos he doesn’t like ’em. I guess it’s counted as fibre? Lol. Ate a couple of his chips he didn’t finish. He ate 3/4 of his and took the 1/4 back. I’ll have to remind him to finish, or else it’ll be in the fridge for weeks..maybe months.. lol..

I knew i would only be satisfied if i got a coffee using my birthday voucher. So when it was about time to leave, i went up to them and asked if they could let me use it for take-away (notice different tactic..hehe).. And they did! I got the cuppacino for grandpa and ordered the Irish Cream Coffee to go.

I tried the cuppacino the last time and knew it was good. So decided to go for the Irish Cream Coffee with added equal.. But to my surprise when i opened once i came into the office,

irishcreamWhere’s the cream in the Irish Cream coffee??

Definition from Wikipedia:

Irish coffee (Irish: Caife Gaelach) is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, and sugar, stirred, and topped with thick cream. The coffee is drunk through the cream. The original recipe explicitly uses cream that has not been whipped, although whipped cream is often used. Irish coffee may be considered a variation on the hot toddy.

So disappointing. I think they forgot or something.. At first i thought i ordered wrongly, but apparently not.. And i like my coffee with milk.. 😥

Anyway, i’m convinced it’s a lower cal option,(They don’t serve skim milk)so yay for me for choosing a lower cal option unintentionally.. Lol

No pic of grandpa’s coffee, but i hope you enjoy it grandpa!

Ta for now..better get back to work..after some blog reading..


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