Leftovers plus nibbles

Came home today..Grandma was so delighted with the Zakat my office gave.. So my hard labour with the others were worth it as we were also given gifts of:

  • 2 bags of rice
  • 1 btl of oil
  • 3 cans of condensed milk
  • carton of PB drink
  • carton of mineral water
  • dates
  • 3 packs of choc drink
  • a box of tea

Grandma was happy because now she has rice to cook for the stray dogs..

Was supposed to cook my left over vege using the Hearty lentil soup recipe.. Then have half of my sandwich for dinner. But..Grandma insisted i tag along with them for dinner. I had to, or else she’ll give me a look.. lol..


So i ate my sandwich first.which was still yummy though reheated… then followed them for dinner.

And guess what? On the way to dinner, it started pouring as if it hadn’t poured in months.. Told grandpa to go to Jusco cos at least then we won’t get wet.. But i think he wanted to eat Pizza Bravo at the Kepong Food court.

So we went there, got drenched and realised though we were in the shades at the food court, it was going to be difficult to order as we would have to walk in the rain..so i did the ordering for them.

Grandpa got his usual Hawaiian Pizza ans Grandma got a Char Lo Bak Kou (Fried carrot cake) and a sotong Kangkung (squid with vege, topped with rojak sauce). I had a few bites (or more) of what grandma ordered though.. (Bad me)..

sotong kangkung

Sotong Kangkung tasted alright. The squid was slightly chewier than it should be. The sauce was normal.. I still like the one in the food court near Carrefour Kepong..


The fried carrot cake was okay..not spicy enough though.. I still prefer Grandma’s Kitchen but it closed down.. Anyone knows were it might have moved??

Oh, before i forget, i did have this as a snack before i left work.


Original crunchy i think.. Made in Aus.. It was more of hard then crunchy.. 😦 Quite a hard time biting it..)

Also ate two prunes! (Digestion!)



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