Dessert for dinner

After mass, dear promised that’d we go to Taipan for dinner cos i wanted the Cincau from Happy Beans!

Then i remembered, they sold Mat Toh Yau around that area! So i decided, dessert was for dinner, at least for me.. Hehe..

Dear went through the jam around Taipan to let me go buy my Mat Toh Yau.. The usual with sweet potatoes, “atapci” or palm fruit, red bean and lotus seeds.. RM3.50

Then dear planned to go to Pappa Rich for his dinner, but while walking there, he decided to stop by the Kedai Kopi Nanking and have dinner there instead.

While i was happily eating my Mat Toh Yau, he ordered the Handmade dumpling noodle..


Sorry for using old pics.. Cos i want to save space, but once i figure out if i can load the pics on Flickr and upload images from there.. PROMISE!! 🙂

I had a bit of dear’s noodle.. A spoonful of the noodles and some soup..though the soup tasted strange to me..

Then we walked over to Happy Beans!! What a cute name..

Here, the Cincau is excellent.. Best ever! It’s cincau with Tau Foo Fa texture.. And the desserts come with pearls, red bean, green bean, large red beans, peanuts and even fruits.. Average is about RM5 per bowl.. It’s a big bowl, bigger than the average ones outside. Maybe two can share one, which was what me and dear did!

We got the Smoothie Cincau with Large red bean, red bean and exchanged the pearls for green beans.. I don’t like pearls, but i didn’t know dear likes it until AFTER we ordered. Sorry dear..maybe next time we can get our own.. Hehe.. (Greedy me)..

cincau be4The smoothie cincau comes with a small “tub” of coffee cream.. I think it’s what makes this just right. Though it’s super light i terms of coffee, Akak Jean and Carol couldn’t sleep after this dessert the last time.. Don’t know about them, but i’m ok! 🙂

cincau aftaThis is what it looks like after pouring the cream (as you can see, it barely resembles the coffee colour, so i think it’s highly unlikely that it’ll cause you to have a sleepless night)

The cincau on its own is not sweet. but eaten with the “syrup/soup”, it’s a perfect blend of flavours and textures.. I love the beans so MUCH!!

We were tempted to have another but dear said we shouldn’t eat too sweet things.. 😦 Nevermind, i’ll go there again.. Only wish that they had a branch in PJ. I’d go there all the time!!

Price: 6/10 | Food: 9/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 8/10

Happy Beans Cafe: 03-56212688

N. 46, Jalan USJ 10/1E, 47600, UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Dropped by Patisfrance to get some bread! Got the sourdough bread, extra healthy bread (yes, that’s what they call it) and a red bean and cream cheese bun!!

I came back home, had two prunes and some broad beans. was craving for my trail mix, but had replaced it for broad beans past few days.. So.. I made some! Yay.. Got a stash to bring to officE!

Played monopoly on the computer with dear.. Hilarious.. Lol.. I lost though.. Dear’s not staying over.. He said he doesn’t get good sleep at my place, reason being, he dreams. ^.^”

I never knew it was not alright to dream. He says if  he’s dreaming, means he didn’t sleep well/not enough of sleep.. Then i must not be getting enough sleep all the time cos i dream all the time.. Can someone please clarify for me? 😦

Ta for now!!



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