I never knew doing physical labour such as packaging heavy things is part of my job description.. My boss seems to think so.

She asked the office to help and pack the food items, i.e., oil, tea, packet drinks, milk, for raya gifts. BUT, she went upstairs and enjoyed the air con. Now my arms ache.

By the time we were done, it was 12.15pm. I saw that i had a miss call and sms. Apparently, i was to report duty to the Accomadations department at my college!! OMG..they really make use of you. Though i was offered a scholarship at Taylors, they never asked you to help out.. my current college, KBU, they do.. And it’s not like they’re an exceptionally good college either. Anyway, what ticked me off was the fact they didn;t even give me notice about such a thing, and the guy on the phone demanded that i report for duty at once. I was like, WTH? At least give a few weeks notice. I just told him that i was on holiday, and am working my butt off for a miserable salary. (I wouldn’t even call it a salary).

So, i am supposed to report to the Accomodations dept. once my term starts..

Anyway, i went off for lunch to 1 utama. Went to O’Briens cos i needed to top up my prepaid card and got the My Style voucher: Top up RM100 and get a free sandwich & regular coffee.. so i thought why not since it still is my money.. and i will still top up anyways.

 But i think the manager at O’Brien’s 1u isn’t that delighted to see me anymore, because each time i come, i have some kind of voucher up my sleeves.. Hehe.. Well, we must fight recession!

So i decided to get the most expensive sandwich (I know..Kiasuness).. and a cuppacino since it has less milk than the latte. I wanted the Mocha, but they didn’t have skim/low-fat milk.. Though it was on the menu.. Strange…

My free meal!

My free meal!

I got the O’Briens crambo club (RM17.50). It’s a very filling meal. A triple decker sandwich, with chicken crisp, chicken ham, cheddar cheese in a layer, and lettuce leaves and chicken with honey mustard sauce in the  second layer. But i couldn’t fit it all in my mouth so i decided to eat the pieces with the chicken crisps first. Yummy!!

The cheddar is so nice with the chicken crisps. The ham was normal.. The honey mustard was nice.. The sauce was nice.. not overly tangy, not overly creamy too.. Since it was kinda calorific, i decided to save half for dinner!

I finished the coffee though.


Nice coffee.. More foam than starbucks in my opinion. Surprisingly, this time, though i added Equal, it didn’t have the sourish taste which Equal normally gives..

It pays to have good coffee..:)

Price: 6/10 * | Food: 9/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 7.5/10

* Price is based on the original price..

O’Briens(1 Utama)

Ta for now!!


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