Last night, i prepared an Overnight French toast for Dear. I got the Recipe from i think.. The concept is soaking the bread in the egg,milk,cinnamon & salt mixture overnight in a baking pan brushed with butter.

Woke up this morning, took the baking pan and put it in a 220 degree oven. Bathed and was still feeling groggy. Lol.. I let dear continue sleeping till i finished making my…..Scrambled eggs!! first time in ages since i ate eggs at home for breakfast. Normally, it’s bread and SS butter or cereal.. So i thought of being less boring, and made myself some scambled eggs and wholemeal toast.

Scambled eggs

Scambled eggs was alright, but not as runny as i would have liked.. Only made with one egg, salt and olive oil.

French toast drizzled with honey

French toast drizzled with honey

Dear’s french toast was quite puffy..looked nice.. drizzled some honey over it. Dear came down quite late.. So he was kinda eating it pretty fast. he said it was alright.. He seems to say that alot..

Had my cuppa, a plum and a prune.. Ran out of my trail mix!! Boo hoo..shall make more when i get home today!

Left kinda late for work but still made it on the dot!


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