A tone darker, maybe a kg heavier

As you know, me and dear were supposed to go to Mel’s corner for a cuppa all the way at Section 17…but..they were closed!!!!! Grandma confirmed with me that they were closed.. So guess what, dear said he wasn’t full, so we had lunch at Hong Seng coffee shop. The Teowchew pooridge there is good.

We had breakfast at 9 something and were headed off to lunch at 11 something. What pigs… lol..

Teowchew porridge

Teowchew porridge

This is what dear got, including some peanuts which came a bit later and rice.. quite pricy but it’s kind of expected when it comes to Teowchew porridge.

The “Ham Choy”, a.k.a salted veg was as good as usual. Was hot and salty enough.. Hard to find.. Peanuts were alright. Prefer the Cheras Teowchew porridge. These were like canned ones. The fish was dry and very thin. I didn’t try the tau kwa though.

It was impossible to resist the brinjals at the vegetarian mixed rice.

Brinjals & 'tatoes

Brinjals & 'tatoes

The brinjals were yummy, cooked with red bean paste i think. Took some potatoes and decided i wasn’t going to have lunch. 🙂

Then we went to Lagoon! There were quite alot of people though it was Monday. Didn’t take any pics because we put all our stuff in the locker.

One ride worth mentioning was the pirate ship. Dear forced me onto that ride. It was scary cos it went upside down..

Then dear bought some corn cos he was hungry. RM4 for a cup of corn which wasn’t even filled to the brim.. No margarine.. It was nice though. I had some spoonfuls too. 🙂

We went off at 3-15pm ish.. Dear was hungry by then. I was too.. We did ALOT of walking all over the place.. and climbing of stairs.. I think that could have been my workout for the day.. Haha. We even walked the suspension bridge, 428 m one way!

Ate at O’brien’s with the MyStyle voucher-which makes it so worth it. Buy 1 free 1 any sandwich. But actually, the branch at Pyramid had a promo already, offering all sandwiches at a standard price of RM10. Quite worth it if you order the expensive ones.

Anyway, i got myself a Smoked Salmon and cream cheese on wholemeal, which i forgot to mention toasted..And i helped dear get the chicken crisp and brie.

Smoked salmon and c.cheese on W/meal

Smoked salmon and c.cheese on W/meal

I took the pic only when i was at my last sandwich. Hehe. Dear had a quarter of mine, i.e. one piece. As for me, you can never go wrong with smoked salmon. But i forgot to tell them toasted bread.. 😦 But dear wasn’t fond of it.

Chicken crisp and brie

Chicken crisp and brie

Dear thought the chicken crisp and brie was alright. He didn’t think as highly of the sandwich as me though.. I suppose he doesn’t really appreciate bread like me.. 🙂 But he still finished it.. :p

Price: 6/10* | Food: 8/10 | Ambience: 8/10 | Service: 8/10

*Price was alright with the voucher ^^

O’Brien’s Gourmet coffee and Irish sandwiches

Sunway Pyramid
LG2.90 Lower Ground Two, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway
46150 Petaling Jaya
03-5638 0711

And guess what..he still wasn’t full.. we were planning to go to Happy beans in Taipan, but we were planning to go SIC for mass..

So, we went to Wendy’s after looking for Illy coffee at New Zealand Natural. Only the Curve branch serves coffee.

We ordered a chilli and ILT.


I had a few mouthfuls but dear could easily stomach the rest.

Then after walking around, i realised i left my O’brien’s card at the store! Went back to get it, so we didn’t get any nice coffee.

Went to Giant for a bit and bought soap, and headed back to Dear’s place..

Rested for awhile, and dear ate some biscuits while i ate one Jacob’s biscuit with a some PB.

And more PB..hehe..

Went for mass. Then went to Taman Megah Ming Tien.

I had some brinjals..again.. and a fried egg from the mixed rice there.. No pic though.. The brinjals tasted weird.. it was sweet! will not eat again.

Dear, with his very high metabolism still had appetite, and ordered sushi and some Kolok mee. He said the Kolok mee was not so nice anymore because it wasn’t the owner who made it. But he said the sushi was exceptionally good.. You see the difference when he finds something OK, and something really good? lol..

Went back home, bathe.. Right before bed, ate some Honeycomb biscuits and two prunes..maybe some broad beans..

See why a kg heavier?

Oh and i became a tone darker cos i didn’t have any sunblock. Only tanning oil.. 🙂



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