Today, me and dear are going to lagoon with the tickets Akak Jack gave me for my bday! I purposely took leave just for this. But for some reason, i’m not really looking forward to it.. Don’t know why.

Didn’t wake up to run since last sat was to replace today cos dear stayed over.

Woke up at around 9 though i did wake up a few times before that.

Had butterscotch bread with sunflower seed butter today..

butterscotch bread and SSB

butterscotch bread and SSB

Also had a cup of Milo.. Australian Milo i must stress.. Hehe.. Bought it went i went to Bintulu. For some strange reason, they don’t sell it here in KL.



3 heaped tsps of Milo and water.. No milk though. I’m used to “Milo Kosong”. The Milo is milkier than the ones sold in KL.. 🙂

Then ate some nuts and a prune!

Later going to the clinic for the flu jab and then to “Mel’s corner” for the white coffee. Then off to Lagoon we go! 🙂


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