Old Town and Tong Kee and movie!

Woke up at about 8.45. Bathe and waited for dear. While waiting, i managed to slip in some exercise on the stepper (after some trail mix sneaked into my mouth :P)..

Went to Old Town in Aman Puri for bfast with dear. They had a new menu and dear’s fav Nissin noodle met its replacement : Springy Noodle. Apparently, there where suspiscions that the Nissin wasn’t Halal so they took it off the menu for a bit.

I wanted the soft boiled eggs, but had bad experiences before when ordering them here. They either took WAY too long, or came 3/4 boiled which i dislike. So i just ended up with a white coffee, no sugar and dear with his Springy noodles w/sausage and egg. I went over to Tong Kee and bought my mini egg tart and cheese tart!

mini egg tart and cheese tartThen we headed off to One Utama for our movie! District 9.

Took an awful long time to buy the ticket cos they had some problem with the credit card machine.

Movie was quite nice. Some alien invasion. But didn’t really like the ending, Plus, the main character, Wikus, forgot about ย his accent at some parts! Haha.. Was funny cos he was supposed to have a foreign accent, suddenly he was speaking Australianish.

Then headed to Yoshinoya for lunch. Dear’s ONEcard was expiring so we were sort of looking for places with ONEcard. So i agreed to Yoshinoya though i didn’t like it much. Kinda wanna reduce my carb intake. ๐Ÿ™‚

Dear got the Salmon bowl and Sprite and i got some side mixed vegetables. salmon bowlI didn’t try it, but it looked alright i suppose.

mixed vegThe mixed vege was still kinda hard and not salty enough.. Now i remember why i didn’t really like this place. Anyway, at least dear was fine and got what he wanted. Oh, and they served decent soy sauce. ๐Ÿ™‚

Then went to RotiBoy.. I got one for myself but only ate the topping.. so yummy and sweet. Ate some of the buttery part too.. (naughty me). Sorry..no pic..

Came home, ate some nuts and broad beans…

And 2 prunes..

And couple o’ raisins.

๐Ÿ™‚ Tonight is steamboat night!!!

Must get back on track during the weekdays..



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